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Tips to Stay Comfortable at the Office this Summer


For some, the summer is purely a time of fun – no school, no work, and no responsibilities. For most, however, this season still requires daily trips to the office. Whether your workplace blasts the air conditioning or neglects to turn it on at all, use these tips to stay comfortable and productive all summer.

Adjust Your Professional Attire

“Layers are key.” When outfitting yourself for work in the summer, layers are key. While your commute will undoubtedly be hot, your office could be absolutely frigid, so it’s important to prepare for any possible situation. If your workplace has a casual dress code, take advantage of this and wear comfortable skirts, sundresses, shorts, and short-sleeved shirts. Add sweaters, jackets, and blazers depending on how cold your office is. Avoid having to pack an extra layer each morning by leaving a cover-up at work you can throw on whenever you get too chilly.

If your job requires formal attire, try wearing a more casual, breathable outfit on your commute and changing into your business clothes once you have arrived at work. Additionally, look for appropriate clothing that is also heat-friendly. Talk about possibly adjusting the dress code for the summer with your boss to include items like sandals, polo shirts and other business-casual pieces that can help employees stay cool.

Forgo the Hot Cup of Joe

While it might be your morning tradition to knock back a steaming mug of coffee, consuming warm liquids will only make you feel hotter. Switch to iced coffee in the summer. Not only will you get your mandatory kick of caffeine, but the refreshing drink will also help you cool down after a sweaty commute. Once you’ve had your wake-up beverage, avoid caffeine for the rest of the day, as it can contribute to dehydration when consumed in large quantities. Stay cool throughout the rest of your time in the office by regularly drinking ice water. Conversely, if you’re dealing with an overly air-conditioned space, try sipping on hot tea or coffee to keep yourself warm.

Additionally, you may want to revamp your typical lunch plans when temperatures begin to rise. Hot, high-calorie meals will leave you feeling sluggish and overheated, so try consuming something light and cool instead, like a simple salad or sandwich.

Prepare Your Workspace

A comfortable work environment is crucial to maintaining focus and high productivity. If your office tends to get hot in the summer, there are a few simple adjustments you can make. First, close your blinds if you are in an area that gets lots of sunlight. Turn off any electronic devices or lights you are not using, as they give off heat and can increase the temperature of your space. Use room fans to circulate the air and increase your comfort. For an extra burst of coolness, try placing a bowl of ice in front of your fan, suggests Corporette. That way, the air that blows your way will be even more refreshing.

If your office cranks its air conditioning system in the summer, see if you can have it switched off or turned down for your personal workspace. A light draft of AC paired with the cooling power of a small, personal fan is ideal for a summer office.

Take a Vacation

Sometimes, it is simply too hot to work. Save your time off days for times like this and treat yourself to a vacation. Not only will you get to experience some summer fun, but you will return feeling refreshed and focused.

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