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Rooftop Patio with Lasko Misto Outdoor Fan

Outdoor Fans are Loaded with Features and Benefits


Some people may never have considered whether an outdoor fan will add to their comfort in summer. The typical image of an electric fan is of an appliance that helps cool down hot rooms, not the outside environment. But there are times when fans can make people more comfortable, and outdoor fans prove that.

Many outdoor fans have similar features as indoor electric fans including oscillation and variable fan speeds. However, some outdoor fans offer bonus features, like a misting apparatus that sends out a light mist, along with powerful airflow, for an extra cooling effect.  In fact, Lasko’s Misto® Outdoor Misting Fan is capable of reducing air temperature up to 25°.  Outdoor portable fans can also be set at different speeds, from powerful to light and breezy, to maximize your family’s outdoor comfort.

On a hot summer night, an outdoor fan can mean the difference between feeling uncomfortable in high humidity and enjoying a pleasant evening on your patio, apartment balcony or any other gathering place for your family and friends. Did you know that outdoor fans are a great way to keep mosquitoes and other flying bugs away from your dining and relaxation areas? The breeze outdoor fans provide makes it more difficult for these annoying critters to fly, so they tend to stay away from wherever the fan air flows. It’s a great way to be able to enjoy your outdoor spaces in the evenings, while minimizing the risks of mosquito bites and germs that flying insects can carry.

Outside features
When choosing an outdoor fan for your yard, patio or porch, look for one that offers specialized outdoor features. Some key attributes of great outdoor fans include: accent lights that provide soft lighting, easy-to-use controls for low-light situations, simple assembly or no assembly required to get your fan up-and-running quickly, and remote control for convenience. Additionally, look for options that help you customize your outdoor fan’s airflow, like the 90-degree pivot feature that can direct airflow and automatic louvers to enable a wide sweep of mist on Lasko’s Misto fan, which attaches to a standard garden hose for cool convenience outdoors.

Most importantly, fans that are intended for outdoor use have features that allow them to be operated safely. They have grounded outdoor cords and plugs, and weather-resistant casings so they can be left outside without damage from the elements. They can also be set at different speeds that operate quietly so they won’t be a distraction to conversation.

Whether an outdoor fan is placed off to the side, peacefully providing comfort for your outdoor activities, or it’s a prominent part of your outdoor decor, it is important to consider the various outdoor fan options and safety features before you make your purchase decision.

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