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Stay cool with an electric fan in your home office

Stay cool with an electric fan in your home office


If your idea of the perfect job is commuting from your bedroom down the hall to your home office, then you probably place a high premium on comfort. Even with this easy commute, you still need to keep the office cool to be productive, and a desktop fan can help you do that.

Since many home offices are located in an extra room or share a den or family room, floor space may be limited. A tower-style table fan is ideal in small rooms because it can be placed in a corner of the desk and create enough of a breeze to maintain a comfortable temperature at your workstation.

One advantage to using tabletop electric fans is that they direct circulated air at your torso in a seated position. Keeping your core cool is important to feel comfortable in hot weather, and these devices are well-designed for the task. They’re especially helpful if you’re seated for long periods at a computer.

Tabletop models are also better for people who have small children or pets. Kids are less likely to touch the appliance because they aren’t within reach.

Consider your space
When you’re choosing a room fan for your workstation, there are several factors to consider. The size of the room will determine how effective the fan will be. You’ll need a window near your workstation if you prefer to install a window fan in your office.

If you don’t want air blowing directly onto you, a space-saving, tower floor fan may be a better choice so that cool air can be circulated around you rather than at you.

One unique fan is Lasko’s Clip Stik Ultra Slim Desk Fan, which has a removable clip that allows it to be attached to a desk’s edge or overhead on a shelf. It has a swivel base that allows you to direct the air flow where you want it and two quiet speeds. The sound level of a running fan is important while you work, particularly if you’re on the telephone or are easily distracted by noise.

With more people telecommuting from their homes, the need has increased for more appliances and electronics to create a safe and comfortable workstation. Whatever choice you make for your home office fan, having a cool atmosphere to work in will help keep you focused on your work.

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