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Use these five tips to help you create your ideal dorm room.

5 tips for decorating your dorm room


Moving into college is an exciting time, especially as you transform your standard dorm room into an expression of your personal style. No matter how eager you are to move in, however, it can be challenging to know exactly how to adorn and organize such a small space. Use these five tips to create your ideal dorm room.

1. Bring pictures for your walls 
You’ll want to cover those barren white walls, but with no paint or wallpaper allowed you’ll need to get creative. An excellent way to turn the space into your own without breaking school rules is by covering the walls with photos, artwork and posters. Before you leave for school, print out plenty of images of your friends, family and pets that you can creatively organize around your room once you see how much space you have to work with. Not only will covering the walls make the room feel less impersonal, but it will also help you combat homesickness to know you’re always surrounded with comforting memories.

2. Be creative with bedding 
Because you will likely be living in a small, shared space, your bed will be the main focal point of your personal area. This means you should showcase your personal style with interesting bedding, fun pillows and cute throws. Just remember, college-issued mattresses are typically twin extra-long, which may need specially sized sheets or blankets. Instead of bringing bedclothes from home, consider purchasing a new set just for your room.

Make sure you bring all the essentials with you on move-in day.Make sure you bring all the essentials with you on move-in day.

3. Keep it cool 
Most students move into school at the end of August, which means high temperatures and hot nights. If your college doesn’t have an efficient air conditioning system, you should bring room fans to circulate the air and prevent your room from feeling hot and stuffy. Not only will your roommate thank you for saving the day, but your space could become the most popular hang out spot in your dormitory.

Conversely, many college dorms have outdated heating systems that leave you feeling more cold than comfortable when winter rolls around. If you don’t plan on returning home very often during your first semester, consider bringing a space heater with you on move-in day. Just stash it in the closet until it gets chilly.

“Think creatively when figuring out a storage plan.”

4. Think outside the box when it comes to storage 
It can be difficult to find a place for all your belongings, especially if you’re used to living in a much larger room. Because of this, you should think creatively when trying to implement a storage plan. For example, bring padded bins that can slide under your bed and hold clothes or school supplies. When you have friends over, you can simply pull them out and use them as seating.

If your school allows you to raise your bed into a loft, try it out. The extra floor space will give you plenty of extra room where you can keep your things. Additionally, purchase baskets that can fit on any shelves you may have. These can make it easier to organize, divide and hold items you want to keep separated.

5. Coordinate with your roommate 
Once you receive your roommate assignment, reach out to him or her and talk about how you want to set up the room. If you have similar styles, you can discuss maybe buying matching bedding or deciding upon a certain style of artwork you want on the walls. If you would each rather stick to your personal tastes, at least decide who will bring major items like televisions, refrigerators and microwaves. Splitting these larger appliances can save you both money and space.

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