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Save space and stay cool with fans for small quarters

Save Space and Stay Cool with Fans for Small Quarters


For people who live in apartments or condos, staying cool is as much a matter of space as it is about the style of the electric fans they choose. Finding fans that achieve the cooling effect they want and limit the floor space they take up solves both problems.

Pedestal and tower fans are great options if you need to conserve floor space, and each has special strengths. Large areas are served well by the tilting heads on pedestal fans because they can move air throughout the space, or pick up an outdoor breeze and distribute it into every corner.

If you sleep in a bed with a tall frame, you’ll appreciate the height of a pedestal fan, which usually is 46 to 54 inches. That’s an ideal level to cool someone who’s lying on a bed. With only the base to take up room on the floor, these models can be placed in a corner and still reach most parts of the room.

Tower fans also take up very little floor space, and some find them more attractive than pedestal fans so they’ll fit better with the decor of living or family rooms. They can be placed out of the way of foot traffic and still provide a good breeze of cooled air throughout the room.

For extra convenience, many models are run by remote control, have programmable timers, widespread oscillation for even coverage and handle for easy mobility from room to room.  There are also smaller tower models that work well as desktop fans and those that include a fresh air ionizer.

Additional Space Savers

Wall-mounted units are also convenient because they don’t take up floor space and some can be operated with remote control. By attaching brackets to a variety of models, you can turn a floor fan into one that’s placed high up on the wall.

As space savers, window fans are particularly versatile because they come in both single- or double-fan styles. That allows you to have a reversible flow that can exhaust hot air or bring in cool air from outdoors. They come with adjustable thermostats, expander panels to fit a variety of window sizes and energy-efficient speeds.

If saving space on a desk surface is a concern, try a clip-on version of a desktop fan to give you more room. These fans can be attached to an overhead shelf or the edge of furniture pieces.

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