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Let fans help you control heat output of lamps and bulbs

Use fans to help control excess heat from lamps


People tend to associate lighting fixtures and lamps only with light. But they can also generate heat at different levels depending on what type of bulb and wattage are used.

That influences how much energy is used by various light bulbs, and it can also affect the amount of heat that’s generated in a room. During the summer, you want to find ways to reduce hot air in your home, and paying attention to your lighting choices will help you lower your utility bill and the temperature in your rooms.

Light and heat
One type of lighting you may want to avoid during hot months is a halogen lamp. While they’re know for their brilliant illumination, the heat output is substantially more than other types of light to the point that homeowners have to be careful of the lamp shade materials they choose for halogen lights. Many colleges prohibit the use of halogen lights in dorm rooms because they are considered a fire hazard.

Even standard incandescent light bulbs shed considerably more heat than the eco-friendly compact fluorescent bulbs and light-emitting diode lights. For people who prefer the traditional appearance of a standard light bulb, a compact fluorescent is the best choice. LED lights have a brighter, white look.

Energy savings
According to Energy 4 You, one of the hidden savings of using compact fluorescents is that you’re likely to need your air conditioning less if you illuminate your home with these lights instead of incandescent bulbs. These bulbs typically save as much as 75 percent in energy compared to traditional light bulbs. While they cost more to purchase, they last an estimated five to eight times longer than incandescent bulbs, so they pay for themselves over time.

In addition, by using electric fans and light bulbs that emit less heat, you can keep your home quite comfortable without relying heavily on AC. However, if you happen to love the stylish look of a halogen lamp and the great light that it provides, keep a fan model like a desktop or table fan nearby so it can be aimed in the direction of the lamp. It will help disperse the additional heat that comes from the light.

Whatever choices you make in fan models or the newer, energy-saving light bulbs, they have this in common – they will lower your energy usage.

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