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outdoor garden shed or workroom

From sheds to sun rooms, air circulators clear out hot, humid air


As the summer winds down, there’s still plenty of lawn care and gardening to take care of before the leaf cleanup begins in fall. But spending time in a gardening shed, garage or any enclosure where you store your lawn tools and planting supplies makes you want to catch a breath of fresh air.

After a summer of humidity, you can refresh workspaces easily with a high-velocity air circulator. These handy electric fans can dispel stale air quickly from a workshop and also remove the moist conditions that are breeding grounds for insects.

Circulator fans also lend a powerful air stream to sun rooms that typically have large windows that let in plenty of heat from the sun’s rays. If that’s where you set up shop for hobbies or replanting your container plants to ready them for cooler weather, using fans and air circulators will save you the expense of turning on the air conditioning.

If your workshop or hobby center is located in tight quarters, you can save floor and worktable space by turning your air circulator into a wall model mounted on brackets. They can be turned on and off with a remote control or pre-set on a timer.

Circulators are versatile
Air circulators are just as effective inside the house, particularly in kitchens that become overheated during cooking times. These high-performance room fans clear away hot air quickly by sending out a powerful breeze with pivoting heads that direct the coolness wherever you need it most.

They come equipped with many helpful features, including full-tilt air control, fused safety plugs and automatic shut-offs for safe operation. Circulators can be placed on level surfaces like work tables or set up on the floor. Comfortable handles allow homeowners to move the units easily.

As people look for new ways to stretch their livable space, homeowners increasingly turn to oversized sheds, garages and attics as places to have workshops for home repairs, set up sewing centers or create craft and hobby centers for their kids.

Cooling these spaces takes a more powerful fan than one that’s intended to cool an average size room. High velocity or utility fans are good choices in these spaces, which are often sparsely furnished and have high ceilings where warm air rises and stagnates. Air circulators do a good job of clearing out these hot-air pockets.

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