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Tips for hosting an open house: Part 3 [Video]


Hi there, and thanks for joining us as our series on hosting an open house continues. Now that you’ve created your property description sheet, it’s time to prepare your house to be shown. Because you want others to picture themselves living in the house, staging your home goes beyond simply tidying up. 

First, do a major cleaning. Your house should look like a model home straight from a magazine, not cluttered and dusty. If the property appears unkempt or messy, people may assume there’s serious damage or major home improvement projects they’ll have to take care of. 

If there are any big fixes that need to be made, like broken doors or creaky floorboards, take care of them ASAP. If you don’t, be prepared to receive offers well below your asking price. 

Thanks for tuning in, and be sure to check back soon as our discussion on this topic continues.