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Don't waste energy with air conditioning when fans will work as well

Don’t Waste Energy with Air Conditioning When Fans Will Work as Well


As you head into summer, there are plenty of warm days ahead that may require you to turn on an electric fan to keep your home cool. But this is a part of the year when saving on your utility bill is possible because you don’t necessarily need to turn on the air conditioner, too.

Early mornings and evenings tend to get cooler in late spring, and even daytime heat is usually restricted to a few hours in the middle of the day. If humidity is a factor, use a twin-fan window unit that’s able to pull hot air to the outside while bringing in cool air from outdoors.

Much of the time, fans are quite effective in creating a strong enough breeze to cool down a room. But if you want a quick burst of air conditioning, put it on for a short time while your fans are on. The chill effect that’s created when this occurs can keep a room cool for a substantial amount of time.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, the magic number to keep in mind is 78 – that’s the energy-efficient thermostat number you should set that’s comfortable in most homes. If you consider that room fans can make you feel as much as 5 degrees cooler than with AC alone, that makes 78 degrees feel like 73. For the amount of comfort they deliver, fans consume a minimal amount of energy.

Efficient habits
A good rule of thumb throughout the hot season, particularly when the temperatures varies in late summer, is to turn on fans only in the rooms you’re using, much like space heaters in winter. You’ll be cool without wasting energy in parts of the house that aren’t occupied.

Window fans are especially effective in kitchens for times when the stove is turned on. When cooking dinner, running the dishwasher or drying clothes in a laundry room that’s on the same floor as other rooms, there’s going to be residual heat that emanates into nearby rooms. Sending a fan-driven breeze to circulate cooler air through the heated area will bring the temperature back to a comfortable level.

This is a good time of year to save energy when you can and electric fans make it easy to do that.

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