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From time to time everyone needs a bit of relaxation.

Create a silent space for relaxation


From time to time, everyone needs a bit of relaxation. If you have children or live with roommates, you know that finding a silent space can seem nearly impossible. You can create an oasis within even the noisiest homes, however, with just a few simple tricks.

First, choose your space. Veranda notes that any room can be used as your sanctuary, so pick a place where you feel most comfortable, whether it is your bedroom, an outdoor area or even your bathroom. Remove any clutter that might be there, since this can be distracting and stressful.

Make your chosen oasis as silent as possible, recommends My Home Ideas. Do this by shutting the door, turning off any electronics and only using silent space heaters or room fans. Now that you’ve created a calm environment, make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Surround yourself with pillows and blankets for maximum coziness.

Now that you have successfully established your sanctuary, choose a relaxing activity to practice during your time alone. Whether this is reading, meditating or doing a yoga routine, allow yourself a couple of hours to unwind and fully enjoy it. You will definitely feel recharged and more at peace.

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