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4 surprising benefits of a room humidifier

4 surprising benefits of a room humidifier


Everybody knows that a room humidifier will help make your home more comfortable, keep your skin moisturized and ease respiratory ailments. But there are a few other benefits that you may not be aware of that make these devices even more useful.

1. Decreasing snoring
Trying to sleep in the winter can be difficult, as low temperatures can make an uncomfortable environment. Having a family member or roommate who snores can worsen your nights. However, Chronicle reported that a humidifier can help relieve snoring. This is because the moisture helps to soothe the respiratory system, and, just as they can help with reducing cold symptoms, they may also aid in decreasing the intensity and volume of snoring.

2. Preventing shocks
A common and unwelcome reminder that winter is coming is the increased presence of static electricity. The drier the air inside your home, the more static charge you’re likely to encounter. Reaching for the light switch or touching another person may often result in an unpleasant shock. A humidifier will increase the moisture level in your home, thereby decreasing the static electricity levels.

3. Keeping your plants alive
Indoor plants can be hard to maintain in the winter. Your plants’ soil could be nice and moist one second and dry the next. Common symptoms of plants suffering from lack of humidity are curled leaves and dried tips. Since most plants need a humid environment to thrive, a humidifier is a good way to make sure your plants are getting the moisture they need.

4. Maintaining your home decor
Dry air sucks the moisture right out of wooden furniture and flooring, causing the fibers to split and damaging your furnishings and home. Additionally, low humidity levels can cause paint and wallpaper to peel. These problems are beyond common nuisance – they’re actual issues that could result in having to do repair work. By investing in a room humidifier, your furnishings and walls stand a much better chance against the dry air that winter brings.

Balancing the humidity levels in your home can be a challenge, so investing in a hygrometer could also be beneficial. Be sure that you maintain a safe environment and wipe off all condensation as soon as it accumulates to prevent any bacterial growth. Finding the right level will take some experimentation, but the many benefits offered by humidifiers will certainly pay off.

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