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An important part of creating a comfortable house is using the right materials.

5 of the best fabrics to use in home design


An important part of creating a comfortable house is using the right materials. Check out this list of the five best fabrics to use when building your ideal home.

1. Cotton 
This natural fabric is both strong and breathable, making it a great material to use throughout your home. HGTV recommends using cotton in rooms where your family spends the most time. Due to its durability, it is a great option for bed sheets, casual slip covers and window treatments. The source also notes that the natural fibers absorb dye extremely well, so it is an easy material to match to your existing interior style.

2. Wool 
If you live in a cold climate, this material can provide some much-appreciated warmth during the winter. The strongest natural material available, wool works great as carpeting and upholstery. According to HGTV, wool blankets can make a huge difference when it comes to your home’s ability to retain warmth. So light up the fireplace or power up your space heaters and cuddle up with a throw made from this material.

3. Rayon
According to Fresh Home, this semi-synthetic fabric is often used as a durable alternative to silk. The source suggests using this material in a more formal setting like a dining room or fancy living room because it wrinkles easily.

4. Leather 
If you are looking to add a richness to your interior design, leather is a great fabric option, notes Fresh Home. Although it requires some maintenance, it can add a touch of elegance and upgrade the style of any room.

5. Linen
For a laid-back, casual style, look no further than this natural fabric made from vegetable fiber. HGTV suggests using this to decorate during the summer or in warm-climate homes since it is lightweight and airy. It works well as breezy curtains or as an informal table cloth.

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