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Use these seven tips to get started improving the comfort of your rental today.

7 ways you can make your rental feel like home


Renting instead of buying a home has a number of benefits. The lack of commitment, lower price and overall flexibility make it a popular choice for many. Despite these perks, however, living in a rental can often make you feel like you are a guest in someone else’s home, no matter how much you love the space. You can still make the house feel like yours without doing forbidden invasive renovations, however. Use these seven tips to get started improving the comfort of your rental today.

1. Add window treatments 
While your rental probably comes with basic blinds, these plastic window coverings can feel rather institutional and impersonal. A simple yet effective way to make any room seem warmer is by adding curtains, according to Homesessive. You can find many inexpensive drapes that are able to transform any room and can help bring in some of your personal style.

2. Use wall decals 
Many rentals do not allow you to paint the walls or require that you return them to their original color once your lease is up. If you cannot stand the existing hue but do not want to deal with the consequences of painting or wallpapering, consider using temporary decals to add colors and patterns. Home design website Improvenet explains that not only do decals not damage walls, but they are simply peel-and-stick, so they take just minutes to apply.

3. Crank the heat 
It is common for landlords to skimp when it comes to things like heating, but sticking it out in a chilly environment will only make you feel less at home. Bring in space heaters to make up for your draft rental – not only will they have you feeling comfortable and cozy, but they are a great affordable heating option as well.

4. Add rugs 
While you could get lucky and find a rental home with dazzling hardwood floors, you could also end up somewhere with linoleum tiles or dingy wall-to-wall carpeting. While the flooring probably will not make or break your decision to sign the lease, it could have a negative effect on the overall hominess of your space. Homesessive suggests solving this issue by using area rugs to cover what you do not like. Just like with drapes, it is easy to find inexpensive carpets in a variety of colors and patterns that can help boost the appearance of your rental.

5. Bring in bold furniture 
Since you want to keep modifications to permanent fixtures to a minimum, try using your furniture as focal points instead. Improvenet notes that this is a particularly great idea for rental bedrooms, which can be drab and impersonal. Purchase a bold bed frame and use brightly colored sheets and pillows to liven up the space. Since they eye will be drawn right to your sleeping spot, it will be less noticeable that the rest of your room is not exactly your style.

6. Add some life 
Improvenet suggests adding fresh plants to your space to brighten things up, add texture and intrigue to your design concept and even make the air healthier to breathe. Whether you choose fresh flowers for bright pops of color or more neutral green plants, this is an easy, natural way to make your rental feel more personal.

7. Hang mirrors 
While you do not want to hang too much artwork to avoid damaging walls, try to hang at least one mirror in your rental, recommends Homesessive. They help increase light and make rooms appear more spacious, so they are especially great for small apartments. Still unsure about poking holes in walls that are not yours? Purchase large framed mirrors that you can simply rest against walls.

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