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Adapt to autumn's colder days by upping your bedroom's coziness. Use these helpful tricks to get started.

Cozy Bedroom Ideas: Increase Your Bedroom’s Coziness This Fall


Fall tends to appear gradually, ushering out the last bits of summer with golden leaves and sweater-worthy mornings. Almost as soon as it starts to appear, however, it takes over completely, erasing warm breezes and replacing them with chilly winds and brisk evenings. Adapt to autumn’s colder days by upping your bedroom’s coziness. Use these cozy bedroom ideas to get started.

Better Your Bedding

While many people use the same bedding year-round, switching up your linens is an effective way to transition your space from season to season. Thin cotton sheets are airy, breathable and cool – perfect when paired with room fans on hot summer nights. The lower temperatures of fall call for more sturdy insulation, however, so pack up light bedding until Memorial Day rolls around. Replace it with sheets made from thick linen or flannel, suggests Apartment Therapy. The source notes that adding a velvet coverlet or furry throw can also help make your bed a warm, cozy haven. Top it off with extra pillows and sink into your snuggly oasis.

“String twinkle lights throughout your space.”

Let There Be Light

Lighting can be transformative, especially when you are trying to create a sense of warmth and coziness. If you typically employ a harsh overhead light, this may be detracting from the intimate aesthetic you are trying to create. Instead, try placing room lamps strategically around your space to create a soft glow rather than a blinding glare. Apartment Therapy notes that adding low-watt bulbs in warm tones can really make all the difference.

For a more intriguing light option that is sure to increase coziness, string twinkle lights throughout your space. BuzzFeed recommends placing the strands behind a sheer curtain. Not only will this make the lights look less holiday-themed, but it will also soften their illumination for an almost magical effect.

Cozy bedroom ideas for this fall

Make these adjustments to your bedroom as the temperature falls.

Incorporate Touchable Textures

Draw inspiration from notoriously cozy places, like quirky bookstores or a favorite grandparent’s house. These locations are not known for their cohesive decorations, but rather for their charmingly mismatched designs. Chances are, their well-loved furniture is brimming with pillows and blankets crafted from myriad fabrics, all enticing you to curl up with a good book and a warm cup of coffee.

Create a similar effect in your bedroom by combining various cozy materials, like thick knit wool, faux fur, velvet, corduroy, flannel and more. Do not be afraid to play around with combining patterns, either, as strategically mismatched prints can also make space appear homier. Vintage florals and plaids in warm tones are perfect for fall, though they should be offset with neutral colors to maintain a sense of balance throughout the space.

Bring the Heat

It can be difficult to transition to fall when your mind and body are still stuck in the summer. As the temperature dips below the 70-degree mark, the slight chill will feel even colder to you, as you have grown accustomed to sporting shorts and sandals. It might be tempting to crank your thermostat all the way up, but activating your home’s heating system so early will only cause your bills to skyrocket. Instead, use space heaters when that autumnal chill is just too much to bear. Turn one on when you are relaxing in your space for an extra dose of cozy comfort that will not break the bank.

Choose Room Fans That Are Right for Your Sleeping Style

People have very distinctive sleeping styles. Some change positions constantly and others hardly move at all. Sound sleepers aren’t easily awakened, but some people wake at the slightest sound. Temperature also plays a role – you may be able to rest soundly in a warm room, but others may want a fan to circulate cool air.

When selecting the right fan for your best comfort level, there are many factors to consider. The size and layout of the room, the proximity of windows to the bed, the height of your bed and the model type and size of the fan can all have an effect on whether you’ll be comfortable.

Different Types of Room Fans

Pedestal fans are a great option for people who sleep in a bed that’s higher off the floor because it’s set on a tall frame. The pedestal style is usually 46 to 54 inches high and has a fan head that tilts and rotates so cool air can be directed to your bed. They’re also designed to take up very little floor space so a pedestal fan can be placed conveniently in a corner of your bedroom.

In a small room, a table fan may be the best choice because it can fit on a nightstand and provide oscillating action right next to the bed. You have a choice of desktop models with a 12-inch grill or slim tower fans that stand about 1 foot tall.

A larger room is harder to keep cool, but a Weather-Shield box fan will do the trick whether it’s mounted in your bedroom window or on the floor. They’re energy-efficient, inexpensive to run and large enough to take care of the cooling needs of a bigger space. However, with three settings to choose from, a box fan also does well to cool a small room.

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