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With the holidays fast approaching, chances are you will be hosting family and friends from out of town.

How to prepare your home for house guests


With the holidays fast approaching, chances are you will be hosting family and friends from out of town. Follow these steps to make sure your guests are comfortable and happy during their time at your home.

1. Stock up on fresh linens and towels
Before your loved ones arrive, make the beds they will be using with fresh, high-quality sheets. Additionally, Martha Stewart suggests leaving your guests with plenty of bedding options so they can create a resting place according to their preferences. For pillows, leave two that are firm along with two that have more cushion. Provide your visitors with a light blanket, a heavier comforter and a cozy throw. The source also recommends leaving a large stack of towels in your guest room.

2. Leave snacks and beverages
While they might feel intrusive asking for food, chances are your traveling guests will arrive hungry. Home website Houzz suggests having tasty appetizers, tea, coffee, wine and beer on hand no matter what time of day or night your loved ones arrive. Even if they just ate, this warm welcome will make them feel right at home.

3. Clear the closet 
If you’re hosting people for a special occasion, they probably have formal attire they’d like to hang up. Make sure to remove as much of your personal clothing as possible from the room they’ll be staying in and offer them ample closet space and plenty of hangers, Martha Stewart recommends.

4. Leave fans and space heaters 
Everybody finds their sense of comfort away from home differently – some prefer to warm up the room, while others need the cool breeze and white noise of a fan to lull them into relaxation. Leave ceramic heaters and room fans in your guest room and let them create a comfortable temperature for themselves.

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