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Check out these winter safety risks for seniors and see how you can assist the aging population in your community.

3 ways to help the elderly this winter


While the winter is filled with many wonderful holiday experiences, it is also a season packed with safety risks. Though everyone should be more cautious as the temperature drops, the elderly often have a harder time when it comes to staying healthy and safe. Check out these three winter safety risks for seniors and see how you can assist the aging population in your community.

1. Help them stock up 
Even seniors who drive regularly might not feel comfortable heading out on icy roads. If you live in an area with bad winter weather, this can mean that your elderly loved ones are not able to make as many trips for groceries or other supplies. Boston magazine suggests preparing seniors with emergency kits in case a storm hits. In addition to making sure they have plenty of water and non-perishable food, help them acquire flashlights, batteries, extra blankets and any prescriptions they may need.

2. Look for signs they may need help 
If you have older neighbors, keep an eye out for any signs that they may need assistance. Friends of the Elderly suggests knocking on their door if you notice newspapers piling up outside, curtains closed all day or animals waiting to be let in for long periods of time. These could mean that your elderly friend is too cold or sick to comfortably move around his or her home, or that he or she has fallen. Be vigilant when it comes to noticing these small warning signs – you could save someone’s life.

3. Make sure they are staying warm
Older people and those with chronic illnesses get cold extremely fast, putting them at a higher risk of hypothermia and dehydration, noted Boston magazine. Help your loved ones by setting their thermostat to at least 68 degrees or providing them with space heaters for extra warmth. Additionally, make sure they have plenty of heavy clothing and blankets.

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