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Family celebrating Christmas

4 ways to prepare for holiday house guests


The holidays are here once again – and so are your friends and family. Whether you are the host with the most or rarely receive guests, you might be more stressed than excited to have your loved ones stay with you this season. Do not let the pressure of the holidays prevent you from being a gracious entertainer, however. Use these four tips to prepare for your house guests.

1. Prepare sleeping arrangements ahead of time
You should prepare your guests’ sleeping arrangements so that they are nighttime-ready, even if your loved ones are arriving at noon. If you have a guest bedroom, make sure the sheets and blankets are clean and tidy, and remove any junk you may have been storing in that space.

“Prepare sleeping arrangements early.”

If you do not have any extra bedrooms, etiquette dictates that you do not need to relinquish your own if you can create a comfortable makeshift sleeping area. If you do plan to host guests on couches or air mattresses, you should always make them up ahead of time, explains The Classy Woman. You should also notify your loved ones of where exactly they will be sleeping, in case they want to bring special items like sleep masks or ear plugs, notes the source.

2. Decorate your home
Make your home appear welcoming and festive by adding some holiday decor. Hang a wreath on the front door, light up a Christmas tree and hang stockings from the fireplace. Not only will doing this get you in the spirit of the season, but it will help spread holiday cheer among all your guests.

Prepare your home to welcome guests this holiday season.Prepare your home to welcome guests this holiday season.

3. Ask about special accommodations
A few weeks before your guests arrive, ask them to send you any special accommodations they may require during their stay. For example, you parents may prefer a first-floor sleeping arrangement, while your sister may need to park her new car in the garage. Be sure to ask specifically about food-related restrictions so that you can keep allergies, diets and preferences in mind when purchasing snacks and preparing meals.

4. Create a comfy environment
Of course, the comfort of your guests is your main priority. Transform your home into a cozy oasis before they arrive by adding extra blankets and pillows throughout common areas to encourage your loved ones to snuggle up. Burn scented candles or bake cookies so that your house smells sweet and delicious, and have coffee, tea, cocoa or cider ready for when guests first arrive. Turn on your space heaters to welcome friends and family in from the cold.

Wisebread suggests stocking each guest space with slippers, toiletries and towels so everyone will feel comfortable and at home. Leave them a list of where to find any items they may need during their stay, and outline a loose itinerary for the coming days. Your loved ones will feel welcomed and excited to spend the holidays at your festive home!

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