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Holiday shopping can be challenging, especially for those people on your list who seem to already have everything they could want or need.

5 unique gift ideas for the person who has everything


Holiday shopping can be challenging, especially when you’re buying for those people on your list who seem to already have everything they could want or need. Need some help coming up with unique gift ideas? Check out this list of five presents that step outside the box.

1. Flowers
Give the gift of fresh flowers not just once, but all year long. Real Simple magazine suggested signing your loved on up for a monthly delivery of a seasonal flower arrangement. They will undoubtedly get excited each month when a package from the florist arrives on their doorstep! Depending on which florist you choose, this gift typically costs around $150, noted the source.

2. Photos 
Sometimes, the most sentimental gifts are the simplest. For a close friend or family member, making a visual masterpiece from your memories is a great way to show them you care. suggested ditching the framed photo and getting creative instead. Search online for companies that create custom books, calendars or canvas prints, and upload your favorite snapshots. This is a great choice if the recipient lives far away since you can have it sent directly to his or her home address.

3. Donations
Making a charitable donation in people’s names is always a wonderful way to show them how much you love them. Pick a cause that is especially close to their heart – for example, if the gift is for musicians, send a check to an organization committed to keeping music programs in schools. They will be sure to appreciate how much thought went into picking this present.

4. Unique appliances 
If they already have everything they want, why not give them something they need? Personal heaters are a great option for friends who live in chilly  apartments, or people whose homes have that one room that may be drafty and can be chilly during the winter. Choose from a wide selection of colors to pick one that suits their personal style.

5. Services 
Create a personalized book of coupons that offer the recipient a number of services performed by you. For example, fill it with tickets that can be returned for free hugs, babysitting, massages, cleaning and cooking. It might be small and simple, but it will show that you care and help take stress away from your friend or family member.

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