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During the winter, dry air can cause static electricity, which can pose a number of problems.

How to Eliminate Pesky Static


During the winter, dry air can cause static electricity, which can pose a number of problems. If you live in a house with radiator heat or carpeting, you are probably no stranger to electric shocks and frizzy hair. Despite the magnitude of this issue, there are a number of simple solutions.

What Causes Static?

According to Live Science, static electricity is the product of electrons going back and forth between two items with opposite charges. This typically happens when two materials are rubbing together and creating friction as well as an electric charge. An example of this is when you move your socked feet back and forth against a carpet and receive a shocking jolt upon reaching for the metal doorknob.

Eliminating Static in the Laundry

When your clothes are subject to pesky static they can cause your hair to stand on end and often cling to you in all the wrong spots. Whether you are preparing for a major business meeting or just heading out to meet friends, you do not want static to prevent you from looking your best. One way to reduce static cling in the laundry is by using dryer sheets. DIY Natural notes that these often contain irritating chemicals, however, so if you prefer to go without them, there are still a few ways you can eliminate all that static.

The source explains that the best way to reduce static naturally is to let your clothes hang dry. Since fabrics are not rubbing together as they do in the dryer, they are less likely to accumulate charges. Since static is most prevalent in the winter, you might not be able to hang your clothes outside. You can still eliminate this phenomenon naturally by drying synthetic materials separately from natural ones, taking clothes out of the dryer earlier, using wool dryer balls or by creating a homemade fabric softener with a vinegar base.

Eliminating Static in the Rest of Your Home

Once you have taken care of your clothing, there are a number of ways you can reduce static throughout the rest of your house. Lifestyle blog Style Me Pretty suggests increasing the number of plants around your home. Since you water them regularly, they can add moisture to the air, which is key for reducing static.

Another simple way to improve air quality and reduce static is by using room humidifiers. According to the source, increasing the number of water particles in your home’s air can help quickly break up the charges responsible for those static shocks. Place these in areas with electronics, since static shocks can often damage these expensive items.

Since carpets are subject to constant friction, they hold large amounts of static electricity. Style Me Pretty recommends spraying your rugs with a mixture of water and fabric softener to help eliminate charges. The source explains that this solution is also effective for clothing.

Eliminating Static in Your Hair

One of the most frustrating ways that static manifests itself is in your hair. To help keep those flyaways tamed, The Stir suggests rubbing dryer sheets on your brushes and combs before using them. Additionally, try using styling tools made of rubber and metal, since plastic products tend to increase static.

Have your hair styled perfectly in the morning and want to prevent static from ruining it throughout the day? Try rubbing lotion on your hands and patting down your hair. The source notes that a small amount will do – too much could weigh down your locks and ruin your carefully crafted ‘do. A quick spritz of hairspray before leaving is another foolproof way to reduce static electricity.

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