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As temperatures go down, home heating costs start to go up.

Use space heaters as a stylish and affordable home heating option


As temperatures go down, home heating costs start to go up. Keeping your home warm and comfortable is important, but you don’t want to break the bank. Check out how space heaters offer a convenient, affordable and stylish way of staying comfortable in your home.

You are wasting money heating your entire house, including rooms you do not often spend time in. Good Housekeeping recommended turning the thermostat down to around 60 degrees and using space heaters in the rooms you frequent the most, such as your bedroom or family room. They estimated that this simple step could save around $200 every year while still keeping you warm and comfortable.

Space heaters come in all shapes, sizes and colors to fit your home decor. For individual comfort, consider a personal ceramic heater. Not only does it provide plenty of heat, it comes in a variety of colors that are perfect for expressing your personal style.

When looking to blend a space heater into a larger area, such as living room or bedroom design, be sure to look at a Designer Series option. With their unique yet subtle bases, they seamlessly blend into a variety of styles.

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