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Home heating systems can significantly dry out the air in your home.

Protect the quality of your wood this winter


Home heating systems can significantly dry out the air in your home. According to the Chicago Tribune, home heaters can actually cause humidity to drop below 13 percent – drier than Death Valley. This can have a negative effect on the quality of the wood used in your walls, furniture and floors.

What happens to wood in dry air? 
According to Wood Floors Online, wood contracts in dry air due to lack of moisture. This can cause cracks to form on hardwood flooring. The lighter the wood, the more obvious these cracks will appear to be.The Chicago Tribune notes that dry air can also cause wood walls to split, doors to shrink and no longer fit in their frames and chair legs and arms to become wobbly. It can even prevent pianos from staying tuned.

How to protect your wood
A great way to improve your home’s air quality is by using room humidifiers. According to Wood Floors Online, you should keep these portable appliances in rooms where you have a lot of wood products so you can adjust humidity levels and prevent size shifts that could permanently damage your belongings. The Chicago Tribune also recommends rubbing a non-silicone oil on all your pieces of furniture – this will help them retain moisture.

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