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As spring approaches, you are probably thinking about how you should spruce up your home's design concept.

7 Simple Ways You Can Add Color to Your Home


As spring approaches, you are probably thinking about how you should spruce up your home’s design concept. Chances are the drab winter landscape outside your windows has you yearning for richer, brighter and more exciting tones. Before you add a blood orange accent wall to your formal dining room, however, try adding small splashes of color throughout your house to see what hues work well with your space. Need ideas on how to begin? Check out these seven easy ways to add small bursts of color to your home.

1. Front door

Greet guests with an unexpected pop of color by updating your entryway, suggests House Beautiful. This simple touch is easy to do but can really give your home’s curb appeal a much-needed facelift. Wondering what hue to embrace? The source suggests using a traditional Victorian red, once an American symbol of welcome. Upgrade your door even further by playing around with carvings and glass elements as well.

2. Pillows

One of the oldest tricks in the book, adding bright throw pillows to your couches and chairs can make them look new again. If you have neutral upholstery, try going way outside your comfort zone and choosing pillows covered in bold prints or unexpected tones. If you’re trying to update a patterned piece of furniture, shake things up by selecting pillows in complementary tones rather than matching the existing colors perfectly.

3. Glassware

The Huffington Post recommends sprucing up a boring kitchen by adding colored glassware. This is especially good for cooking areas with a mostly white or stainless steel design concept. While these palettes look elegant and streamlined, they can also appear boring without the proper pops of color. Perhaps you’re trying to introduce a cool, icy blue into space – start by purchasing wine glasses in this hue and see how it freshens things up.

4. Picture Frames

While the photos and artwork you have hanging throughout your home help to brighten it up on their own, giving them a simple update can spice things up even more. For a bold look, try mixing and matching different colors and styles of frames. If this sounds too eccentric, Eclectic Living Home suggests simply matting them with colored paper. This looks especially edgy with black-and-white photographs.

5. Appliances

A simple yet unexpected way to incorporate colors into your house is by adding appliances in eye-catching tones. Instead of choosing traditional black or metal hues, step outside the box and purchase the more brightly colored options. This concept works great with products like personal space heaters, blenders, mixers, and vacuum cleaners.

6. Bathroom Accessories

While it’s often the last room to get design attention, the bathroom is a great space to play around and have fun with. Try keeping the permanent elements of this area neutral so that you can constantly switch up the color scheme whenever you desire. The Huffington Post suggests going bright and bold with your shower curtain for a simple yet effective facelift. With that as your jumping-off point, have fun selecting colorful towels and bath mats as well.

7. Curtains

Brighten up your windows by choosing curtains or shades in your new color palette. If the idea of adding bright blue drapes all around your living room has you clinging to neutrals, never fear. Introduce small pops of color to your space by adding colored borders to your existing curtains to see how the hue works with your overall design concept.

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