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Spring cleaning and air ionizers can get allergens under control

Spring Cleaning and Air Purifiers Can Get Allergens Under Control


When spring approaches, people who suffer from seasonal allergies grit their teeth and prepare for the dreaded “hay fever” that’s about to descend upon them. It’s become an all-inclusive term to explain why itchy eyes, runny noses, and sneezing jags occur more often now than at other times of the year.

It turns out the blame on ragweed and other plant life that spawns springtime hay fever may be at least partly misplaced. In fact, indoor allergies can produce many of the same symptoms from an accumulation of pet dander from our furry friends and dust mites that are hard to see but make their presence known when we walk into a dusty area.

The obvious solution is to clean one’s house as well as possible. Changing furnace filters regularly, for instance, is an effective way to keep the air free of pollutants, and regularly cleaning floors and other surfaces helps as well. But as we spend more time outdoors getting lawns in shape and readying flower beds for this year’s blooms, we’re bound to track in irritants that add to the dust and dander that’s already settled inside.

Let purifiers do the work
Another way to attack the pollutants that taint our indoor environment is to use an air purifier. Using multi-stage filtration systems, these devices clean airborne irritants, dust, odors, and pet hair from the air. People who have respiratory illnesses like asthma are the biggest beneficiaries of air purifiers. But even those with seasonal allergies will feel better when their homes’ air is purified, which can also reduce molds and airborne germs and will freshen the air of household odors from pets, smoke and cooking to boot. A variety of air purifiers will help clean your home’s air, including the Desktop Air Purifier with a 3-stage filtration system, which is popular because it takes up minimal space but is very effective.

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