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Check out these essential items every nursery should have.

10 Essential Items Every Nursery Needs


You want your baby’s room to be a happy, calming place for playing, sleeping and relaxing. Check out these 10 essential items every nursery should have.

1. Night Light

Every little one’s room is incomplete without this childhood staple. Since you will be coming and going from the baby’s room throughout the night, this appliance provides you with some light and keeps your infant comforted in the dark. Instead of one that simply plugs into the wall, What To Expect suggested purchasing a free-standing one that lights up with a creative design to add some extra interest to the room’s decor.

2. Crib

While this seems obvious, it is important to note that any old hand-me-down crib will not do the trick. Make sure your baby’s bed meets federal safety standards, recommends The ideal crib has a mattress that is firm and fits tightly inside, has slats that are no wider than 2 3/8 inches, has no drop-side and has no cut-out designs on the headboard or footboard.

3. Chair

While it is your baby’s room, you will be spending a lot of time in there as well, so it is a good idea to create an area where you can relax. Pick a comfortable yet supportive chair that you can use for feeding or reading bedtime stories. Keep a table next to the chair stocked with books and activities, suggests What to Expect.

4. Room fans

Room fans are a great addition to your baby’s nursery for a few reasons. First, they can cool things down during naptime or at night when an air conditioner would be too harsh. They also provide white noise, which What To Expect notes can be instrumental in getting your little one to fall asleep.

5. Monitor

The next item on our nursery essentials list is a monitor. Having a monitor is especially important if your bedroom is situated far away from the nursery, but even small homes can benefit from these. suggests getting an audio and video monitor so you can hear and see what is happening.

6. Bouncy Seat

Transitioning to a crib can be hard for some newborns, notes What To Expect. That is where these seats come in handy. They are more compact and they rock and vibrate, sensations that are often comforting for small children. Use this tool to calm your baby down, but do not have him or her sleep in it.

7. Changing Table

A changing table should be included in nursery essentials.While you can purchase single-purpose changing tables, You can also use the top of a dresser.  To do so, purchase a pad specially designed to transform surfaces into changing areas and use the top drawer for wipes and other supplies. The source also recommends simply using the floor – just make sure you have a space cleared off in case of emergencies.

8. Soft Surfaces

Make playtime more comfortable by decorating the space with soft pillows, blankets, rugs, and mats. These things become more important as your youngster starts crawling, noted Houzz. Try buying a plush upholstered ottoman your child can prop themselves up on as they start to stand and learn to walk.

9. Dark Shades

Since getting your baby on a good sleep schedule is important, make sure they snooze soundly during nap time with the help of blackout curtains. This is important for you as well. The better your infant is able to sleep, the more time you have to get things done around the house.

10. Toys

Last but not least part of nursery essentials is toys. Make sure your nursery is full of fun in addition to being functional. While your child is still small, fill the room with stuffed animals and other safe toys that will easily entertain him or her.

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