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Acquaint yourself with electric fans' safety features

Acquaint yourself with electric fans’ safety features


Electric fans have so many features, from remote controls to ionizers that remove allergens from the air, that it’s difficult to know what all those unique parts do. For the average consumer, it’s comforting to have safety features on fans, but it’s even better to understand how they make the product safer.

For instance, the patented fused safety plug that’s available on Lasko fans and humidifiers is intended to cut off the electrical current to the fan. If the plug detects an electrical fault in the fan motor or the power supply that could be hazardous, the appliance automatically shuts down.

When consumers buy a box fan, they’ll notice a two plastic wedges that are included with the appliance. Those are stabilizing “feet” that consumers must attach to the bottom of the units in order to prevent them from accidentally tipping over from its wind force.

Rainy days
For people who are concerned about how inclement weather affects their window fans or box fans that are equipped to serve as both floor and window models, there are several answers. Lasko’s box fans have an isolated fan motor that allows consumers to keep the device in a window and use it safely while it’s raining.

However, as with other window fans, these Weather Shield models should be removed during heavy storms because strong winds could drive water inside the fan and disrupt the electrical components.

Among its fans that are intended strictly for window use, Lasko has some models with a Storm Guard feature. The design allows homeowners to close a window behind the fan during rainy weather or to lock it for home security.

While all Lasko window fans have isolated motors that protect them during a moderate rain, consumers should take the same precaution they do with box fans set into a window. If it’s a model without the Storm Guard feature, the fan should be removed from the window during heavy rain and strong winds.

Safe operation
Consumers should keep an eye out for parts of their fans beginning to show signs of wear. Over time, electrical cords can be damaged from foot traffic, vacuuming or objects that are inadvertently placed over them. To practice the safest use of their electric fans, consumers should read the manufacturers’ instructions carefully.

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