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When it comes to purchasing beauty products, it can be difficult to achieve the aesthetic results you are looking for when you are working on a budget.

Save money on beauty products with these innovative tips



When it comes to purchasing beauty products, it can be difficult to achieve the aesthetic results you are looking for on a budget. High-end cosmetic retailers sell items at sky-high prices, while discount stores may not have what you are looking for. There is a way to save money while looking and feeling your best, however. Check out these innovative tips that will help you stay within your beauty budget.

Become a model 
You don’t need to strut down runways in Paris and Milan to get some of the perks of being rich and famous. Allure magazine explains that cosmetology students and salon trainees are always looking for people to practice hair and makeup styles on. By volunteering to get styled by a novice, you can expect to pay less than half of what you would spend at a high-end salon. The source notes that people are often hesitant to put their look in the hands of a new stylist, but there is really no reason to worry – students who reach this stage of training have already invested countless hours practicing and are usually supervised by a licensed beauty educator.

Use a humidifier
If you experience dry skin and hair, you have probably spent hours searching beauty boutiques in search of that perfect cream or oil that promises to restore much-needed moisture. These products can be very pricey, and their expenses can quickly add up if you are constantly buying new ones with which to experiment. Instead of breaking your budget with balms, consider using room humidifiers. These appliances add moisture to the air of your home, which can in turn improve the look and feel of hair and skin.  Humidifiers are especially beneficial in the winter, when dry air could have you speeding through bottles of lotion at a rapid pace.

Fill your makeup bag without emptying your bank account. Fill your makeup bag without emptying your bank account.

Make your eye shadow multitask
When shopping for beauty products, you are likely tempted by the slew of sparkly, colorful eye shadow palettes that are always on display. Even if you veer toward neutral tones, there is something so exciting about having seemingly endless choices in one compact set. More often than not, however, you end up running through two or three shades and tossing the rest of the unused tones. Daily Makeover notes that you should think of eye shadow as a multipurpose beauty tool to put an end to this wasteful habit. For example, use hair-colored shadow tones to fill in your brows, or employ an angle brush to use shadow as liner. Have a surplus of iridescent shades? Try using them as bronzer or highlighter.

Do some research  
It is hard to figure out what product is best when you are standing in a store or browsing online, as there are numerous items that look like they could be right for you. It can be tempting to commit not long into your search, as navigating an endless sea of cosmetics is an overwhelming process. Because of this, you should take some time to research items. BuzzFeed recommends searching YouTube for beauty tutorials – no matter what look you are trying to achieve, there is probably a video about it. Hair and makeup video bloggers typically discuss the products they use as they go, and tend to have lists of recommendations on their sites as well. When you see something you want to try, look online to see if you can get a sample or travel-sized bottle of it before buying it in full. That way, you can see if it works as well for you as it does in the video without committing to its full price.

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