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Why a Cyclonic Electric Heater may be Your Best Choice

Why a Cyclonic Electric Heater may be Your Best Choice


You already know there are many options when it comes to electric heaters, but you may not be familiar with cyclonic heaters. Simply put, a cyclonic heater takes in cool air at the bottom and cycles it through so that ultimately, it comes out as warmed air at the top, creating a large circular heat pattern. Ideal for small or large spaces, cyclonic heaters are emerging as a top choice for people who are looking for a portable heater that can deliver a smooth, even, and comfortable heat.

Many people refer to these types of heaters as “ceramic,” a term you may be more familiar with. This refers to the heating element, while “cyclonic” refers to how the heater circulates the air. Not all ceramic heaters are cyclonic.

Cyclonic electric heaters are available today from basic to those that include fresh air ionizers, remote control capabilities and more.

How Cyclonic Electric Heaters Work, and the Benefits They Offer:

A ceramic element inside of the heater works to warm up the air quickly. While the exterior of the heater is a bit like a modern-day version of a covered radiator, it is totally electric and produces a soft, even flows of air much like what comes from your vents when using your heat/air system.

Many electric heaters cannot be placed near walls for safety reasons; however, a cyclonic heater can be placed at the wall because the air intake is on the front side of the heater, at the bottom. Essentially, the heater pulls in cold air from the floor area, which is then heated by the ceramic element before coming back out at the top as warmed air.

You can easily direct the air in the direction you want it to go. A glide system pivot on top of the cyclonic heater is designed with a 90-degree pivot, so you can direct the warmed air straight out toward you, straight up toward the ceiling or anywhere in between. An arcing or circular pattern of warmed air encompasses the room, creating warmth quickly. As warm air is pushed out, cooler air at the floor is constantly pulled in so that it can be warmed and recirculated.

You also control the temperature. Unlike some electric heaters that either leave you too cold or too warm, you can control the temperature when using a cyclonic heater. A digital thermostat allows you to set the desired temperature; when the room reaches that temperature, the heater will cycle off until the temperature drops a degree or two below the desired temperature, at which point it will cycle back on.

Other Benefits

Some models offer remote control options so that you can control power, temperature, timer, etc. without leaving your chair.

A fresh air ionizer feature and SaveSmart feature are options with some models; the SaveSmart feature lets you warm your home while saving on energy.

Unlike oil-filled heaters that get warm (or even hot) to the touch, the exterior of these electric heaters is plastic, so it’s always cool to the touch, making it safer for families with children, and your home in general.

There are countless options on the market today when it comes to electric heaters, so you should weigh the pros and cons of each type. Cyclonic electric heaters allow you to enjoy a gentle, cycling flow of warm air keeping even large rooms warm and cozy during cold winter months.