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Save Energy and Money During Fan Season

Save Energy and Money During Fan Season


When is fan season, exactly? We all know air-conditioning season because it coincides with the hottest days of summer. Fan season lasts a lot longer. In fact, you might be running your room fans through the end of September or even longer.

Everyone knows that fans are a great way to circulate air and keep cool from spring through late summer, but they also help save homeowners money. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, using window-safe box fans consumes minimal energy and can effectively cool a room. Turning them outward, so that they exhaust hot air from the home, is especially effective.

Looking for some other ways to save money during fan season? Consider this month-by-month guide to cutting down on costs and energy usage.

April and May
Spring cleaning before things get super warm? While you’re running your fans and airing out the house, make sure you perform some maintenance around the house on the fixtures and appliances you’ll need this summer, like your air conditioner. Fixing up these items can ensure better energy efficiency when you need them most.

June, July and August
During the worst dog days of summer, consider how your fans could help spread the cool of your air conditioner. Instead of running multiple window A/C units, set up a series of fans from room to room to create a breeze throughout the house and encourage air flow.

You can also cool your home by blocking direct sunlight during the day. Keep blinds and shades drawn to preserve the cool interior, then, at night, open all your windows to get the evening breeze.

Stay cooler and save energy at the same time by taking cool showers – or shorter warm showers. Rather than running the oven or electrical kitchen appliances to make hot breakfasts, lunches and dinners, try making more no-cook meals like fruit and yogurt parfaits and salads with plenty of fresh produce.

Get your home ready for cooler temperatures with a home energy audit. Have a specialist come by – you can contact your local utility company for references, and they may even foot the bill – and make sure that you’re home is free of drafts and properly insulated. You may still be using your box fans to stay cool in the heat of the day, but soon it’ll be cold enough to break out a space heater in the evenings.

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