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What's more refreshing than a fan that's customized to your unique needs and preferences?

3 Great Locations for Wall-mounted Fans



What’s more refreshing than a fan that’s customized to your unique needs and preferences? Wall-mounted fans are just that, conveniently providing cool airflow wherever and whenever you need it.

Simple to assemble and set up, wall-mounted fans ensure you always have a breeze where you need it most. Here are three great places to set up your wall-mounted fan:

1. On the wall near your bed 
If you’re the type of person that needs a cool breeze and soft white noise to sleep, then a wall-mounted fan is for you. Attach it to a wall that faces your bed at just the right height that will direct airflow over you as you sleep. Whether you want a directional airflow centered on your side of the bed or an oscillating flow that covers a wide area, you can customize the wall-mounted fan to create the sleep oasis you need to stay cool this summer.

Stay cool as you sleep with a wall-mounted fan directed toward your bed.

2. Next to the television in the family room
Don’t suffer in sweat as you watch your favorite movies and TV shows this summer – instead, mount a fan next to the TV and aimed at the couch. Now as you click through channels or gather the family for movie night, you can relax and unwind at a comfortable and cool temperature. An added bonus of a wall-mounted fan is that it saves space, freeing up more room for your entertainment system.

3. High up on a kitchen wall
When the temperatures climb, it can be a real challenge preparing food in the kitchen. A wall-mounted fan can make a big difference. Secure the fan high on a kitchen wall, perhaps next to a row of cabinets or on the wall above the pantry, and aim the airflow into the center of the room. The fan will be up high enough that the cool breeze doesn’t blow around ingredients as you prepare your favorite meals.

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