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Bedroom with Black Lasko Space Heater

Heating the Bedroom: 3 Ideas for a Good Night’s Sleep


If your bedroom feels cold or drafty, you’ll almost certainly notice it. There can be few things as annoying as a bitter chill keeping you from getting your rest. This blog has covered many of the ways to keep the temperature up throughout your home, but you might want to tackle the bedroom specifically so you’re left at ease in your personal space.

This will likely be one of the first places your attention turns to when the cold really sets in, so think of some of these tips when you’re starting to really take this seriously.

1. Get a Space Heater

One of the nice things about space heaters is how adaptable they are. You can purchase one specifically for a bedroom and then keep it for later in the winter if another room needs it instead. Because of the way these units work, you might get a lot of value from one single heater, especially if you’re in a relatively contained room. You can purchase ceramic tower heaters or some other kind based on what you think works best for you.

2. Maximize Each Thermostat and Heating System

Do you have a thermostat control in each room? If there’s one in the bedroom, you can set it to fit your schedule, so the bedroom is already at its warmest when you’re ready for bed. In any case, it’s worth remembering your HVAC setup and the different ways you can configure it. Don’t forget to program the thermostat to drop again after you figure you’ll be fast asleep, as that’s a prime way to save some energy.

Along the same lines, consider whether something might not be working properly. If you’re using the thermostat and nothing seems to work, it could be time to investigate the house’s furnace, ducts, and other HVAC components.

There might be something specifically wrong with the connection to your room that you’re unaware of. If possible, check that your bed or other heavy furniture isn’t blocking a heat vent.

3. Do some “Warmth Prep” Before Bed

Finally, let’s talk about what you can do yourself before trying to get some shuteye. In addition to covering yourself with blankets, you can try layers of warm clothes or a hat to maximize your own body heat, as long as you’re comfortable and not getting too warm. This could be another situation where setting the thermostat to drop the temperature could work in your favor, too.

Then there’s the classic trick of eating and drinking warm things before bed to try and keep your body feeling good. While there’s a chance you won’t want to have anything too close to bedtime, it could give you that toasty feeling that’s so helpful in the colder months.

Look for other kinds of heaters, including ceramic heaters, to try and give your extra rooms the extra heating power they need this winter.




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