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Follow these tips to reduce that unpleasant odor and get your new apartment smelling fresh.

Tips for getting odors out of a new apartment


After months of searching, you’ve finally done it. You found an affordable, nice looking apartment with all the necessary fixtures that you need.Perhaps it’s even close to public transit or your new job. There’s just one drawback: the smell. Maybe the previous tenants were smokers or there are fumes from the new paint job, but the smell is almost a deal-breaker.

Don’t despair. You shouldn’t have to pass on this otherwise valuable real estate because of an odor, no matter how strong. With the proper tools, you can obliterate the smell and start hosting potlucks before summer. Follow these tips to reduce that foul odor and get your new apartment smelling fresh.

Know your rights
For starters, before you do any cleaning – you should read the fine print. If you’re leasing a home, that means that your landlord is at least partially involved with any significant cleaning or repairs. Depending on your contract, you may not even be responsible for removing the odor.

If the lease is favorable, the cost of cleaning supplies – or hiring professionals – will be taken care of. Don’t go spending money when you don’t have to.

Open the windows if possible
If you happen to live in a hospitable climate, opening the windows is a promising first step to airing the odor out of your home. However, this method can be slow depending on the wind level.

To help create an exhaust effect, consider purchasing a fan. Window fans, such as Lasko’s 16″ electrically reversible model, are well suited to promoting air flow. However, other fan types like the 5 Speed Wind Curve with Ionizer can still be effective, provided it is aimed at an open window.

Not every building is built to take advantage of air circulation so be sure to bolster your open windows with fans if needed.

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Clean the walls, floors and ceilings
This is part of a larger, deeper clean. Smell sticks to surfaces over time so use powerful chemicals when scrubbing. The Spruce recommended products that contain ammonia and glycol. While these chemicals are effective, they are not safe for children or pets, so please use caution.

It is not a bad idea to combine this with the open windows as you will want to air out all smells from your apartment. Remember to check furniture as needed – mattress pads can absorb odor as well as walls.

Install an air purifier
Lastly and perhaps most important, you will want to power up a good air purifier. Achoo Allergy specifically recommended purifiers with HEPA filtration. Lasko’s Pure Platinum HEPA Air Purifier with Remote Control and Auto Clean effectively cleanses areas up to 160 square feet in size. This hardware also comes equipped with an air quality sensor to consistently check and maintain freshness. The quick access filter panel allows for easy cleaning as well.

Odor can ruin a home with the first whiff, however it is not typically so severe that it cannot be eliminated. Utilizing air purifiers and fans will go a long way toward cleansing your new apartment.

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