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Two students moving into college

Ward Off Your College Dorm’s Hot Air with Fans


This summer, college students will be packing up boxes to ship to their dorm rooms at universities across the country. Some will have the foresight to pack a fan, since classes often begin at the end of August when high temperatures can make dorms extremely hot and uncomfortable.

Taking a fan along when you move into college will come in handy while the weather remains hot or if you’ll be located in a warm-weather climate.

But since many students, particularly those headed out for their freshman year, don’t know how much space they’ll have, the best fan for college dorms will be determined in part by size. A tower fan set in the corner of a room is a good choice if the room is smaller because they take up a minimal amount of floor space while providing a cooling windchill effect.

If the space is larger, a powerful air circulator might be the best fan choice for the dorm room. Maybe just a desktop or personal fan placed on a nightstand or clipped to a bed’s headboard will be enough. Whatever works best, having fans that can cool a room quickly without using much energy is a green alternative to turning on the air conditioning when the temperature rises outdoors.

urban dorm room with bed and comfortable chair

Tower fans work well in dorm rooms and other small spaces

Clean and cool the air
Another consideration in dorm rooms is the air quality. In tight quarters, a student who has allergies or respiratory conditions like asthma may need more than a fan to rid the atmosphere of as many allergens as possible. Space-saving air purifiers help keep the room air from getting stale with the added benefits of air filtration.

Air purifiers trap airborne pollutants and may help bring allergy relief. A variety of configurations is available that may include additional filters for odors, VOC’s, viruses, bacteria, and more. In a dorm room, this type of air filtration could lead to easier breathing and more relaxation.

Electric fans operate quietly so they won’t disturb a roommate or distract students while they study. With features like remote controls and timers that automatically shut off  the fan after running for a certain period of time, those focused on their books won’t have to leave the comfort of their bed or desk to turn off the unit.




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