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How to Choose the Right Type of Fan for Your Bedroom


A good night’s sleep is vital to your health, work, and life. Sleeping in a room that’s too hot or too stuffy can hinder a peaceful snooze. Adding a fan to your bedroom provides a gentle breeze that has a cooling effect in the room without the intense freeze of an air conditioner, and provides increased circulation to keep the air fresh instead of stale and stagnant. But which fan is right for your room? Take a look at some of the beneficial fan features that are ideal to use in a bedroom.

Fan Feature: Timers

Fans can help keep you feeling considerably cooler than usual, but temperatures can drop through the night. If you want a fan that runs while you are falling asleep, but do not want it to run all night long in case it becomes too chilly, a fan with a timer is an excellent choice. Set the fan to turn on an hour or so before bed, and set the time to turn off after you have drifted to dreamland. No waking up at 3:00 A.M. to find that it’s now freezing in your bedroom because the fan is blowing on you and the temperature outside has dropped significantly overnight. For hot, muggy nights, you can also set the timer to turn off after you wake up and start your day, leaving you with one less thing to worry about during your morning rush. For fans with timers (among other features), try an Oscillating Tower Fan with Twin Grills, a Lasko 18” Pedestal Fan with Remote, or an Oscillating Wall Mount Fan with 3 Speeds and Remote Control.

Fan Feature: Remote Control

You have a remote control for the other electronic devices in your bedroom. Why not the fan? Remote controls are a really popular feature for bedroom fans. When you’re snuggled in bed reading, surfing the web, or watching your favorite late-night show, the last thing you want to do is get up to turn on a fan just out of reach. When the room reaches its optimal temperature, and you’re ready to fall asleep, it’s equally annoying to climb out of bed to turn off the fan. With a remote-controlled fan, it’s easy to switch your fan on and off from the comfort of your bed. Try a tower fan like the 48″ XtraAir Tower Fan with Remote Control or the 36″ Tower Fan with Remote Control (both come with built-in timers as well), or a pedestal fan like the 18″ Remote Control Cyclone® Pedestal Fan or the 34″ Compact Power Pedestal Fan with Remote Control.

Fan Feature: Noise Level

Noise level is always a concern when bringing in a new electronic device to the bedroom. How loud do you want it to be? Some people like the hum of a fan for white noise while they rest, while others will want a fan that’s really quiet. Multiple speeds are essential for controlling the noise of a bedroom fan. You might want a high-velocity speed to quickly circulate air in the bedroom for when you first enter the room, but once you’re in bed, you may want a calming, quiet low speed. It’s important to choose a fan with a variety of speeds to meet your needs. Tower fans are very quiet and space-saving. If you prefer a fan that’s consistently quiet, try a tower fan like the 5-Speed Wind Curve® Tower Fan with Ionizer or the 48″ Performance Tower Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer. Box fans have multiple settings that allow you to have both a powerful blast of air and the white noise that some need for sleep, but also have a slower, quiet setting for when listening to music or watching TV. Try a 20” Power Plus Box Fan or a Weather-Shield® Select 20″ Box Fan with Thermostat for gentle white noise.

Fan Feature: Space Saving or Compact Design

Space can be limited in the bedroom. While tower fans take up little floor space, the tall and vertical design may not suit your bedroom aesthetic. A pedestal fan with adjustable height may suit your needs; while the base takes up floor space, the height and head can be adjusted into a position that fits your room. For those who do not have a lot of floor space to spare, a wall-mount fan, table fan, or window fan may be the answer. Wall-mount fans, like the 12″ Oscillating Wall-Mount Fan with Anti-Rust Grills and the 20″ Cyclone® Air Circulator Fan with Remote Control, are easily secured to the wall and can be adjusted to blow where needed. Table fans, like the Air Stik® Ultra-Slim Oscillating Fan – Black and the Desktop Wind Tower® Oscillating Multi-Directional Fan, can be placed on a dresser, nightstand, or other pieces of furniture and, due to their compact design, take up very little room. Window fans are made to sit directly in a window, eliminating the need for floor or wall space. These fans are great for those who have a stuffy bedroom or poor air circulation. Window fans like the Electrically Reversible Twin Window Fan with Remote Control push old, stale air out and bring fresh air in from outside.

Fan Feature: Style

Want the convenience and comfort of a fan without the stereotypical look of a fan? If big blades and a large grill do not match your interior design, there are many sleek and stylish fans that do not actually look like fans to complement your décor. Tower fans are vertical, modern wonders that blend into your room. Try an All-Season Comfort Control Tower Fan & Heater in One or a 37″ Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control for a sophisticated touch. A bladeless fan provides extended airflow without the twirl of the blade; try the contemporary and elegant Air Logic™ Bladeless Tower Fan, engineered with Exclusive Cool Channels™ for entire room circulation. Rest easy with a fan that provides a look you love, paired with a cool breeze for sweet dreams.