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Bedroom with Black Lasko Space Heater

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Tabletop Heaters this Winter


The portability of space heaters is wonderful to take advantage of if you’re looking to stay warm in your home this winter. However, the versatility of models is related to their size and shape. Low-profile space heaters are quiet and tend to blend into their surroundings, but these portable heaters can be awkward to carry due to their elongated shape. Tower heaters provide plenty of coverage, however, their tall stature takes up visual space, and they can be difficult to maneuver from room to room. Infrared quartz electric heaters can really warm up your space, yet are bulky to move around. If you’re someone who moves around the home a lot, bigger room heaters may not be ideal. Instead, look into tabletop heaters, which are small and light.

Take Advantage of Portability

When placed on a bedside table or countertop, tabletop heaters provide cozy heat at the level where your torso will likely be. Keeping your body’s core nice and toasty is important, and these ceramic heaters are perfectly designed for the task. Whether you’re working in the home office, snuggling in bed, or curling up on the couch, these small models can provide just the right amount of soothing warmth. This can be especially beneficial for individuals who work from home and frequently move around.

Additionally, tabletop heaters, like the Simple Touch Ceramic Heater, may be best for individuals with children or pets. By keeping the electric heater off the ground, animals and kids are less likely to interact with it, decreasing the chance of injuries. If your young ones or furry friends do get too close, you can easily move the unit out of reach.

Choose Based on Design and Heater Features

Selecting the best tabletop space heater depends, first, on where you want to use it. If you dread your chilly bathroom in the morning, try a bathroom heater. These specially-designed heaters have important features for safety, and they are built to withstand high moisture levels in bathrooms.

If you are looking for the best space heater for very small spaces where you only need a bit of personal heat, the MyHeat personal heater is an excellent choice. This small-but-mighty heater sits right on your desktop and comes in white, black, blue, and purple. With easy on/off controls and lower power usage, this mini heater will provide simple warmth for a lower cost.

Remember to be Safe

As with any portable heater, safety is essential. First, recognize whether or not your unit is a tabletop model. Models that aren’t designed for use on surfaces other than the floor aren’t safe to place on tables. The size of a non-tabletop space heater can make it prone to tipping.

Despite their small size, tabletop heaters provide plenty of warm air, so be sure to use the device only when you’re in the room. When you leave, it’s advisable to unplug the heater as an extra precaution. Additionally, be careful when moving the unit, as its front surface may still be hot after being unplugged. Nearly all Lasko space heaters include built-in carry handles for safety and easy portability. If your heater has a handle, use that to move it.

If your tabletop heater has any exposed wires or heating elements, stop using the unit immediately, as it can be a fire hazard.  A tabletop heater is a great and affordable way to stay warm this winter. If used properly, you can enjoy its benefits through the winter season.

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