What Are the Best Fans for College Dorms?

Back to school after a long summer or winter break means stocking up on the essentials – things like coffee, instant noodles, and, surprisingly, a fan. If you (or your college-bound teen) do not have a fan for the dorms, add it to your shopping list immediately. The best fans for college dorms are ones that serve multiple purposes: as an air refresher, a white-noise machine, and a system for feeling cooler in overheated dorms during the winter months (as well as a way to feel more comfortable, come spring!). Lasko offers a wide selection of fans that are perfect for dorm rooms and small apartments. Use the helpful ideas below to find the best fans for college dorms.

The Space Saver

Dorm rooms are not known for their spaciousness. Most are economically sized for a twin bed and desk and not much else; some larger rooms also hold one, two, or more roommates to share the space. The best fans for college dorms that are big on personality but small on actual size are table fans or pedestal fans. Table fans can fit nicely on a nightstand, desktop, or dresser. Fans like the Air Stik® Ultra Slim Oscillating Fan or the PLATINUM Desktop Wind Tower® utilize a vertical design that is slender, compact, and takes up very little surface space without sacrificing wind power. For those who prefer an even smaller design, the personal 6″ Clip Fan and the Clip Stik® Ultra Slim Desk Fan attach easily to the side of a desk or bookshelf for out-of-the-way access to a cooling breeze. Pedestal fans take up a small amount of space on the floor; all you need is a level surface for the base and room for an oscillating fan head to easily turn without hitting any obstacles. Like table fans, pedestal fans are vertical. These adjustable, classic fans, like the 18″ Remote Control Cyclone® Pedestal Fan, circulate air using multiple speeds. Try a low speed for a gentle, soothing breeze while sleeping at night.

The Window Wonder

Another space saver? Using the window instead of your floor or desk to hold your fan. If your dorm or apartment building allows it, a window fan can help bring in fresh air to a stale and stuffy room. The best fans for college dorms are ones that serve more than one purpose; a window fan like the 8″ Electrically Reversible Twin Window Fan offers dual fans that intake fresh air and push out stagnant air simultaneously. The quiet, energy-efficient speed settings are perfect for late-night study sessions, and the safe side panels are adjustable to fit most windows. The Electrically Reversible Twin Window Fan with Remote Control comes with a digital thermostat to maintain comfort levels in the room and a remote that allows for easy on-and-off operating without leaving the comfort of a bunk bed or desk.

The Classic Box Fan

What could be better than a fan that costs less than 2 cents per hour to run, offers high-performance air flow at a great value, and comes in bright colors to liven up a room? A classic box fan increases the air flow in the room when used on the floor, the desktop, or even in a window. For apartment dwellers, the energy-saving machine costs less than the A/C to run, and can provide a stronger blast of breeze than the typical air vent. Our series of 20″ Cool Colors box fans come in, cool blue, modern black or bright purple to match your existing room décor, or add a pop of color to the space. The 20″ Weather-Shield® Select Box Fan with Thermostat can fit into a window, bringing 20% more airflow without worry when the weather turns rainy; Weather-Shield® offers protection during sudden showers.

The Modern Marvel

The best fans for college dorms may be the fans that transition with you from dorm staple to apartment décor. For those looking for a elegant fan that they’ll be proud to use post- graduation, try a sleek and modern tower fan. A fan like the Wind Curve® Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote looks great in any space; it’s unobtrusive and can fit snuggly beside a bed, in a living room corner, or tucked in a small dorm room. All tower fans utilize their vertical height to quickly and evenly spread fresh air through the room. The high-reaching design of the slender Space-Saving Performance Tower Fan & Remote ensures high-level air coverage, ideal for circulating air to the top half of a bunk bed or in a room with very tall ceilings. Shorter models are also available; look for the Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote or the 32″ Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control that stand a few inches shorter than standard tower fans.


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