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Cooling Your Home the ‘Green’ Way



Summer still has a ways to go. The average temperature is rising around the world, and extreme weather patterns are becoming more common. You may have to go through another heat wave or two before autumn swoops in to cool things off.

Keeping your home pleasant in these sweltering months can feel like a constant struggle. The more you use your air conditioning, the higher your energy bill goes – and let’s not forget the negative impact that many AC units have on the environment. But what can you do? When humidity levels are high and the sun is beating down upon your home, it is easy to feel like you have no choice but to crank every AC to sub-zero settings and just deal with the bills later.

However, with a little creativity and some well-placed fans, you can transform your home into a cool palace of refreshing comfort.

Colors matter
Fighting heat starts at the basic elements. Metal gets hotter than wood, leather feels hotter than cloth. However, even the color of your furniture can have an effect on the overall temperature of your house. According to Sciencing, you want to stay away from having positioning that dark blue chair directly by the window. Darker colors absorb more heat than lighter ones do. So, if you have any such furniture or rugs in the path of the sun, you will want to move them or cover them with a light color that reflects light and heat.

It’s not just light colors that do this. Shiny colors can also absorb less heat. This fact is why you will occasionally see someone cover a car windshield with sparkling golden fabric. If you have a black roof that is soaking in sunlight, consider getting some reflective coverings for the summer months.

Wall fans to the rescue
Some people out there may see fans as only lesser AC units, but perception this is not true. In fact, many fans are stronger air circulators than window-mounted AC systems. This point is especially apt for window fans. According to Top Cooling Fan, check the common wind currents around your home before installation. Window fans are designed to circulate cool air into your home and warm air out; placing them in line with a strong current will aid in the efficiency of this process.

These fans, which create a much smaller carbon footprint than AC units, work best in numbers, so don’t be afraid to buy more than one. Adding in a large tower fan can also help the cool air keep moving once it’s inside your house.

Shut out the sun
It may sound simple, but keeping the heat out begins at, well, keeping the source of the heat out. The sun can warm up any surface in the summer if you let it. Window blinds, curtains and shades can all make for competent weapons against this exterior intruder. Just be sure you’re using material that is reflective and not absorbing.

In addition, don’t be afraid to close off a room you’re not using. Shutting doors keeps the cool in as well as the heat out.

Shutting out the sun can help lower the temperature in a room.
Shutting out the sun can help lower the temperature in a room.

Don’t be afraid to live downstairs
Lastly, remember that heat rises. Sleeping downstairs can help beat the worst of any summer scorcher, especially if you have a few fans to help keep the cool air flowing.

August is the last push for summer sun so enjoy it while it lasts! With the help of some home designs tips and a few fans, you can love the best of summer while avoiding its incredible heat.

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