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Lasko box fan decorated with washi tape

DIY Project: How-to Makeover a Box Fan, Part 1


There’s no denying the usefulness of box fans—you can place one in a window to bring in a fresh breeze or exhaust not-so-fresh air from your room. You could place one on the floor to circulate air to help you feel cooler, or simply use your fan for relaxing background noise. As much as we love our box fans, we must admit that sometimes they can look a bit… utilitarian.

Good news! It’s incredibly easy to give your useful box fan a makeover! There are many ways to decorate your fan and give it a unique look that will accent your decor, provide a pop of color, or add some style to your room. We’ve put together a series of how-to ideas for decorating your box fan, in just a few simple steps. Enjoy!

Lasko box fan decorated with washi tape

How to give your box fan a makeover

Project 1: Woven Washi Tape

This project offers tons of options and is completely foolproof; even inexperienced crafters can make their box fan look like a million bucks! Start by choosing your washi tape colors—it’s best to select 2-3 colors, but feel free to use more if you are feeling bold! We chose colors that would brighten up a college dorm room, but you could use the colors of your alma mater, favorite sports team, or those that accent your existing room décor.

Before we begin, it’s important to prep your fan and your workspace. Always unplug your fan and wipe the outside down with vinegar to ensure it’s free from dirt and oils. Then protect your work surface with a drop cloth, newspapers, etc.


supplies for decorating a Lasko box fan with washi tape

  • 1 box fan
  • Several colors of washi tape in differing patterns and 2 widths (choose one narrow and one wide roll of tape for each color you use)
  • A craft knife or a pair of scissors


Decorate your Lasko box fan with washi tape - step 1

Apply wide tape strips in a diagonal pattern 

Step 1

Using wide strips of washi tape in diagonal lines along the outside of your box fan body, lay out tape strips in a simple, repeating color pattern. Don’t fully press down the tape yet—you’ll need to lift the strips in order to weave in the next layers of tape. Repeat the color pattern all the way around your fan, being careful to work around the handle and control knob.

TIP: Keep the tape strips away from the control knob inner workings to ensure it can turn freely. Lasko’s box fan knobs are removable to make it easier to apply your tape strips.

Decorate your Lasko box fan with washi tape - step 2

Weave thin tape strips through the wide base strips

Step 2

Starting at the bottom of one of the sides, start weaving the narrow tape in same repeating color pattern through the wider strips. Alternate the thin strips in an over-under pattern to create the woven effect. Continue the weaving around the fan’s entire exterior.

TIP: While weaving, try to keep your tape strips as straight as possible. If one gets out of alignment, simply pull it up, straighten, and then reapply.

Decorate your Lasko box fan with washi tape - step 3

Press all tape firmly to the fan and trim the edges

Step 3

Firmly, but gently rub over all washi tape with your fingers to fully adhere the decorative tape to the fan. Be sure to press the edges of the tape around the curves of the fan body. Then, trim the loose ends with your craft knife to create a more finished look. Finally, take a step back and admire your fan’s unique, new look!

Important Precautions
  • Keep your fan’s intake or exhaust grills open and free from any obstructions. Blocked grills interfere with the proper functioning of your fan.
  • For safety reasons, always unplug your fan before working on it.
  • Never operate a fan with a damaged cord or plug.
  • Always plug your fan directly into a wall outlet and avoid using extension cords, power strips, or other cord-connected devices.

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