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How To Have The Perfect Valentine’s Night In


Need ideas for staying at home on Valentine’s Day? We’ve got you covered. There are plenty of reasons to stay on the night of Valentine’s Day. This year the holiday falls on a weeknight, some have kids, some are single, and many would just rather stay in with their pets. Whatever the reason might be, we’ve come up with three alternative ways to spend Valentine’s Day for those who’d rather stay home.

A Valentine’s Day Dinner at Home

The most common Valentine’s Day date ideas typically involve going out to dinner at a high-end restaurant. When you have a family or work a full-time job, let alone both, a night out during the week can be inconvenient and strenuous. Instead, take a risk and cook something other than your typical weeknight dinner. Food Network provides a variety of recipes you can easily make at home for Valentine’s Day. If you’re scared about ruining a new recipe, have a candle and a compact air purifier ready to cover the smell of a steak left in for too long or fish gone wrong. If it’s safe, feed the edible scraps to your fur friend. There’s always takeout as a backup option. Ask your pizza shop if they can shape the dough in the form of a heart. But, just because are staying in does not mean that you shouldn’t make an effort. Men, put on that cologne she loves so much, ladies, slip into that lavender peplum dress that always gets you compliments, put on the romantic music, light a few candles and remind each other why you fell in love in the first place. That’ll make the night special enough! That’ll make the night special enough!

Indulge in Self Care for a Single’s Valentine’s Day

These ideas are great for those spending Valentine’s Day alone. Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to treat yourself to a night of relaxation. Put your household chores on hold and make a to-do list of things you wish you had time for on a regular weeknight. Make your bathroom warm and cozy and take a long bubble bath. Psst, add essential oils to your bath for an extra dose of relaxation. Cozy up with your pup by your fireplace and finally start reading that book. If you’re in need of a fireplace alternative check out our designer series heaters. A night of self-care can be as simple as choosing to go to bed an hour earlier and falling asleep while watching your favorite show. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure you enjoy yourself!

Family Night in for Valentine’s Day

Show your kids what Valentine’s Day is all about: Love. If you’re unable to get a sitter on Valentine’s Day, incorporate the kids (and even your family pet) into your date night. Plan a kid-friendly movie night in for the whole family. Make the living room warm and cozy by laying out all of your pillows and blankets for the kids to cuddle up. Use your coffee table to put out a spread of Valentine’s Day inspired snacks. A bowl of red fruits like watermelon, strawberries, and raspberries is a great way to promote healthy snacking. Don’t hold back on the red and pink candies, either‒it’s just for one night! Let’s not forget about your fur baby! A special treat for your family pet and a cozy snuggle will show him how much you care. Tip: Have a big family with not enough throw blankets to go around? Add an extra layer of warmth with a lovely Lasko space heater.

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