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4th of July party

How to Prepare for an Awesome 4th of July Party


The summer is right around the corner and with that, it marks the start of the BBQ season! Whether you’re preparing for an awesome 4th of July party for the family or just a lazy BBQ session to share with friends during those hot afternoons, Independence Day marks a time for family, friends and good food, not to mention the occasional firework. If you’re lucky enough to host Fourth of July festivities this year, be sure to follow these tips to help transform your event into a roaring success:

Start Planning Early

Are you hosting the annual 4th of July party this year? Well, there is certainly a lot of awesome 4th of July party ideas that you can find online, but for us, nothing beats the classic barbecue. This doesn’t mean that you don’t need to think about decorations and activities, though!

We know it can mean a lot of prep and hard work, so spare yourself the unnecessary stress by starting your planning process early this year.

Keep It Simple and Delegate

And because you’re planning early, it also gives you enough time to delegate tasks to reliable family members and friends. We understand how it can sometimes be difficult to trust other people with certain tasks, especially if you have the perfect 4th of July party in mind.

However, remember that sharing a simple party that’s the cumulative effort of the people you love makes for an even more memorable one compared to an Insta-perfect event-of-the-season that you probably have planned originally.

Know Your Guests

Finally, we recommend knowing the attendees of the 4th of July party that you’re preparing for beforehand. First, you know how many people are going to make sure that you have enough seats, and of course, food and drinks.

Next, you also need to take them into account when looking into 4th of July ideas and inspiration. For instance, are you expecting a lot of kids? You might want to have something planned to keep them distracted as well.

Lastly, you need to learn if there are any guests that have allergies or special diet restrictions to make sure that they’ll be able to enjoy your party as well as much as any other attendee. After all, that’s why you’re planning this party in the first place, right? So that everyone can unwind and have some fun.

Prepare Varied Meal

Hamburgers and hot dogs will always be classic options, but there’s no reason you can’t expand the menu further. Delish provided a list of tasty-sounding Independence Day entrees, including grilled corn on the cob and salads that will wow your guests.

This holiday marks a time for family unity, and that means bringing everybody together. You want to make sure you have enough food, as well as the right kinds, to keep everyone coming back to the grill for more.

Use Fans to Keep the Flies Away

Of course, nothing ruins a tasty meal like the sight of a fly or some other flying insect. While bugs assuredly have their place in nature, we’re pretty sure it isn’t on top of your burger pile. Lasko provides a variety of outdoor fans to help generate a breeze that will keep unwelcome guests away from your food.

One of our signature models, the Outdoor Living Fan, is designed to work without being noticed. This model can generate powerful but quiet wind currents, meaning you don’t need to dial up the conversation volume. It also provides a wonderful respite from the summer heat. It even comes with lights to join in the festive decorations once the sun has gone down.

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Remove Interior Dust with an Air Purifier

While the bulk of your party will no doubt be outside, you’ll still need to come inside to retrieve food and get any other items you’ve left behind. Guests will also likely want to use the restrooms. This expectation means your home must be cleaned – and no doubt you’ve spent time with the broom and vacuum tidying the place up.

However, these cleaning methods target only dust on surfaces. It’s summertime, so expect some dirt and pollen to be floating in the air, too. An air purifier can suck these particles into secure containment, improving the quality of your home.

Sure, you’ll need the door closed for your air purifier to work best, but it’s July. We’re betting you’ll have the AC on anyway. Regardless of where you spend your Fourth of July, your family is likely to enjoy their time to the fullest after you’ve taken the time to follow these hints.

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