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Air Circulators

Air Circulator Fans

Keep your living space cool and comfortable with our selection of stylish air circulator fans here at Lasko. Designed to keep the air flowing throughout the whole room, our contemporary air fans are an efficient way to boost the effectiveness of your air conditioning, or simply to create a cooling breeze at the end of a long, hot day. From small, circular fans for the office to our popular Wind Tunnel® fans and Cyclone® fans, discover a comprehensive range of sizes, styles, and speeds to help you create that fresh-air feeling in your home.

The Best Air Circulator Fans

Looking to create a cooling breeze in your home? Discover the best air circulator fans for your living space here at Lasko. Our great-looking, contemporary air fans are designed to blend in perfectly with your decor and come packed with innovative technical features to help create a refreshing, comfortable environment.

Whether you’re looking to cool down in a small space or to improve air circulation in a larger room, you’ll find the air fan for you. With everything from 10” circular fans that can fit on a table to larger tower fans that move the air in four different directions, you can choose the style and speed that best suits your space. Create a quiet, gentle breeze with one of our smaller fans, or take it to the max with the faster speeds on our Cyclone® or Wind Tunnel® fans to really get the air moving.

While our air circulator fans look stylish simply placed on the floor, you’ll also find wall mounting options to give them a more permanent home. Remote control and timer options, meanwhile, put you firmly in control. Featuring the latest technical innovations, our air circulator fans are engineered for whisper-quiet performance, leaving you free to sit back and enjoy the fresh air.