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Window Fans

Looking for a way to cool your home efficiently? A twin window fan makes an affordable alternative to air conditioning and is ideal for hot summer nights, as well as for ventilating your living space. These clever fans fit neatly into your window frame and can be positioned to face inwards or outwards. This means that not only can they pull in colder air from outside, but they can also expel hot, stuffy air from inside the home to help create a cool, fresh-air feeling. Discover a wide selection of twin and reversible window fans at Lasko, including fans with a built-in thermostat for all-night comfort, electronically reversible fans (so that you don’t need to turn them around manually), and fans with Storm Guard® technology for weather-resistance and peace of mind.

Best Window Fan

Whatever the size of your window, you’ll find a dual window fan to suit your needs here at Lasko. Slim enough to sit inside most window frames and with expandable side panels for a snug fit, our fans are available in a variety of sizes, from small window fans measuring just 8” high, to larger fans which provide more powerful ventilation throughout the home. Whether you’re looking to improve ventilation with a built-in exhaust motor, or to cool down your bedroom by pulling in cool air from outside on a summer night, find the best window fan for your living space at Lasko.