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Pedestal Heaters

When you’re heating a room, it pays to deliver the warmth to where you’ll feel it most — at seated height. With an electric portable heater from Lasko, you can direct the warmth at just the right height for comfortable lounging in your home. A neat, space-saving way to create warmth in any room, these sleek heaters are packed with handy features, from multiple speed settings to timer functions. Available in a selection of designs, these electric heaters with thermostats blend with any decor scheme, while maintaining a comfortable, steady temperature in your living space.

Stand Heaters

Looking for the best ceramic pedestal heater for any room? Discover the full range from Lasko. With widespread oscillation to send the heat in multiple directions throughout your room and create a warm, inviting atmosphere, these clever heaters boast great performance. They deliver 1500 watts of warmth and have a contemporary, streamlined look. A clever way to save on floor space, these ceramic heaters are flexible and portable, with built-in carry handles so that you can easily transport them around the home. As well as being energy efficient, these stand heaters are also a safety-conscious choice thanks to their self-regulating ceramic elements and overheat protection.