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Create a comfortable atmosphere in your home with our selection of room humidifiers. Adding moisture back into dry air has a host of benefits, from keeping your skin hydrated, particularly in winter when you have the heating turned up, to relieving pressure on your sinuses if you have a cold. Lasko air humidifiers are ideal for any room in your home and come packed with innovative features, like a multi-colored nightlight for a restful atmosphere in the bedroom, warm/cool misting options for a comfortable feeling at any time of year, an automatic humidistat for maintaining a steady level of humidity, and a built-in scent tray.

Best Humidifier

Whatever type you choose, Lasko home humidifiers are simple to use and maintain. Because humidifiers add essential moisture back into the air, they can help soothe common dry air problems, create an atmosphere for improved sleep, and reduce static electricity. Lasko humidifiers feature automatic switch-off when the tank is empty, adjustable mist nozzles, simple controls, and cleaning brushes for easy maintenance. Browse our full selection to find the best humidifier for your living space.