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Follow these tips to streamline your cleaning, allowing you to return to relaxation that much sooner.

Tips for Beginning Spring Cleaning



Spring weather is on its way! The day is rapidly approaching when you can say goodbye to heavy sweaters and hello to spring wear!

Of course, it can’t always be just celebration – at least not without a little work on the side. Spring is often seen as a season of renewal and fresh beginnings. As such, it is the time when many people get to work doing a deep cleaning in their living space to get rid of winter’s germs and dust. As you refresh your home, follow these tips to streamline your cleaning, allowing you to return to relaxation that much sooner.

Helping humidifiers trap the dust and allergens
Humidifiers release water vapor into the air, making it easier to breathe and helping to relieve those spring allergies, according to Healthline. They can also play a role in trapping dust. Water molecules are heavy and will weigh down any drifting airborne debris.

While this is not a permanent cleaning solution, it can make sweeping and vacuuming more effective. A humidifier can release a lot of moisture into the air and pull floating dust down to the floor for easy cleaning. As always, be sure to clean your humidifier after use.

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Using fans to shoo away the dust
As spring progresses, opening the windows will become a good idea. Breaking the seal of those winter months and letting fresh air in is one of the best feelings of spring. However, windows are also an effective way to let stale and dust-ridden air out. Using a window fan is one of the best ways to exhaust stale winter air, and on a warm-enough day, intake fresh air into your home.

A fan well positioned near the window can help get rid of any lingering airborne particles that the humidifier missed. Of course, you can’t run both together – your humidifier wasn’t built to increase the moisture of the whole planet! Once stage one is complete, open the windows and turn on the fan for stage two. Choose a fan model that stands far off the ground to avoid stirring up any of the debris brought down by the humidifier.

Pedestal fans can typically be adjusted to stand several feet off the floor. While their heads can oscillate to fully cover a room, in this case they are best pointed toward the window to vent stale, dusty air out.

Turning on air purifiers to keep the house clean
Once you’ve exhausted yourself cleaning, you want to make sure your home stays dust-free for as long as possible. An air purifier can help prolong the cleanliness of your living space. Each one of our purifiers comes equipped with a high efficiency filter to help reduce the dust levels in your room.

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