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Use fans to cool your home from spring to fall

Use fans to Cool Your Home from Spring to Fall


Warm weather can start in early spring and last all the way to late fall. That’s a long stretch of time to run the air conditioner. Save both energy and money this season by using a fan to help cool down your home instead of running the AC. Fans are versatile appliances that can help dry out a damp basement, create better air quality by circulating air in a stuffy garage, and cool off rooms on the first humid days of summer. They use less energy than the AC, and many can be moved from room to room so they are there when you need them the most.

Avoid Excess Moisture in Spring

April showers bring May flowers – and moisture, humidity, and damp spaces that may grow mold. When spring showers hit, use a fan to disperse humidity hanging in the air or within spaces that have been shut away or unused from late fall through the winter months. Spring showers can cause damp basements, garages, and enclosed patios. A utility fan can circulate air and dry out waterlogged locations before it gets too damp and mold starts to grow. Utility fans like the Max Performance 20″ High Velocity Floor or Wall-Mount Fan and the Max Performance Pivoting Utility Blower Fan feature multiple powerful speeds to deliver intense air movement for cooling, ventilation, and drying your space.

Keep Air Moving in Summer

June and July are two of the hottest months of the year. These scorching days are perfect for a cool dip in a pool, lake or ocean, but can be miserable inside the home. Before you crack up the AC to full, arctic blast, try using a strategically placed fan or two to keep air circulating. Heat generally rises, while cold air sinks closer to the floor. Pedestal fans, tower fans, air circulators, and box fans can be used to create a balance of air, pushing the cold air up from the floor and distributing it in the room. A well-placed box fan on the floor can push the cooler air up and out. When the air conditioner is on, fans can help circulate the colder air more evenly. Placing a tower fan like the 32″ Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control in the main living room can encourage air flow to extend throughout the house. If your air conditioning units are set up some distance from each other, using more than one fan can draw air from both ends of the house and distribute it more evenly so that the chilled air is maximized. (For more on strategic fan placement, visit Where to Put Your Fans for Maximum Effectiveness.)

No More Muggy Late Summer Days

August and September are known for their hot and muggy conditions in many parts of the country. Your fan can be used to distribute pent-up, stale air or cool the muggiest room in your home. For those who live in really muggy areas, a window fan is ideal to rid the room of moist and stagnant air. Window fans work to pull fresh air inside and exhaust warm air outside. The Electrically Reversible Twin Window Fan with Remote Control can simultaneously pull in fresh air with one fan while push air out with the other. If you have a box fan that was utilized earlier in the season, give it a new location in the window. Box fans cost around 2 cents per hour to run, saving you money when used in tandem with the air conditioner, and saving energy when the AC is turned off. The Weather-Shield® Select 20″ Box Fan with Thermostat can be used to exhaust warm air, leaving your space feeling fresh and cool. Plus, the patented Weather-Shield® technology means that the motor is safe if a sudden rain shower starts while your fan is in use. Once you get through the hottest days of the year, don’t be too quick to put away your fans. September can be as unpredictable as June, with hot days lingering after fall officially begins. You’ll still need your fans up and running for the last days of warm weather. Fans can also be used when the temperatures start to drop to help keep homes warm – really! Much like you used your fan to balance out hot and cold air in early summer, fans can be used to keep warm air circulating down toward you by tilting fans toward the floor when it’s cold. (Learn more on How Fans Can Help Spread Fireplace Heat in the winter season.) With the right fan, your home can maintain a comfortable temperature all year long, no matter the temperature outside.

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