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Lasko Box Fan in Artsy Living Space

Versatility of Box Fans Has Kept Them Popular for Generations


Box fans may be the stalwarts of the fan world. They are durable, powerful, and dependable. What you see is what you get: A square-shaped casing around an enclosed fan motor at the center and a large, five-winged blade whirling around inside a grill. It’s had the same basic design for generations of consumers who appreciated the fan’s efficiency. Wherever a quick breeze was needed to refresh a room, someone more than likely switched on a box fan to get the job done. But it’s more than nostalgia and familiarity that keeps people reaching for box fans. Today’s box fans are made to withstand rainy weather, save energy, and offer safety and thermostat features that earlier fans of the fan could only dream about.

Keep Your Box Fan in the Window

Box fans are versatile in their use due to their ability to operate in windows. They are generally used as floor models but can double as a window fan. By strategically placing your box fan in a window, you can cool all sections of the room while making the most of cross-breezes and natural ventilation from outside. (That cooling breeze of fresh air also means you can turn off the air conditioning, saving both money and energy.) Some Lasko box fans offer an isolated Weather-Shield® motor for worry-free window use when hitting with a sudden rain shower. The

Weather-Shield® Select 20″ Box Fan with Thermostat also comes with an adjustable thermostat that senses when a certain temperature has been reached and automatically turns the fan on or off when you need it.

Works with Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioning is pervasive in most homes and businesses, but it’s possible to use your box fan in tandem with your AC unit to save money and energy. Using fans to increase airflow means you won’t be running your AC as much since air circulation throughout the home goes further with fans. (Some fans can increase airflow 20%.) With such a wide range of circulation, box fans are able to bring cool breezes to more than one room at a time, and when used in a window, can exhaust warm air outdoors. If your fan has the Save-Smart® feature, there are extra savings when you shut off or sporadically use the AC. Save-Smart® fans cost less than two cents per hour to operate; super savings when compared to a much higher cost to run air conditioning.

Box Fans Stand Tall

Unlike tower fans that are stylish enough to display as part of your decor, the box fan may never win a beauty contest among cooling appliances. There’s a fun selection of bright colors available these days that can add a pop of color to your space – bright fuchsia, royal blue, vibrant purple, classic white, and modern black – along with the all-metal versions that many remember from their childhoods. One of their main selling points is their compact design; the narrow-depth casing sits directly on a surface without a cumbersome stand. Box fans can be placed and operated on any flat surface.

Pick It Up and Go

Most fans are made to be moved. Utility fans come with sturdy handles, and even window fans and tower fans (which are usually stationary) can be moved when needed. Wall-mount fans are made to stay in one place but can be moved with the right tools and time. Box fans, however, are made to move. They are lightweight (most are around 7 to 10 pounds) and have an easy to access handle at the top of the unit to pick up and go from room to room. They are easy fans to use as well. There’s no assembly needed, other than clipping on the stabilizing “feet” that prevent the fan from accidentally tipping over when on top speed. (We’ve got a quick instructional YouTube video on how to attach the feet if needed.)

Safe and Easy

Box fans have several quiet speeds, easy-to-access top-mounted controls, and safety features that provide peace of mind. All Lasko box fans come with The Blue Plug™ Patented Safety Fuse Technology that automatically turns off the fan to prevent accidents. The plug cuts off the electric current to the fan if it detects a potentially hazardous electrical fault in the fan’s motor or power supply. Easy to use, and easy on the mind.

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