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Is a Pedestal Heater the Best Choice for Me?

Is a Pedestal Heater the Best Choice for Me?


When looking for an electric heater that fits your needs and space, which heater is best? Portable electric space heaters have been the choice for those looking to save energy, money, and to keep cozy. Today’s heaters are models of both design and efficiency. They take up less room, come in stylish shapes that fit into your home’s decor, and, most importantly, provide ample warmth. Case in point: Lasko’s line of high-quality ceramic pedestal heaters. We pioneered pedestal heater design and serve as the industry’s exclusive manufacturer of patented, sleek pedestal heaters. If you’re looking for a heating source that provides focused heat, saves room, looks great, and is technologically designed to save both energy and money, a pedestal heater may be the best choice. Here’s why.

Heat Where You Need It

A heater sitting at your feet guarantees warm toes. But what about the rest of you? A pedestal heater focuses on heat differently than other heaters, circulating heat throughout the unit to ensure warmth from head to toe. For example, a similarly shaped tower heater pushes heat from the floor level up to the top of the unit, producing heat up and down along the vertical range. That heat can be nice on cold feet resting near the floor level heat source but often doesn’t provide focused heating at sitting or standing height. Pedestal heaters literally elevate the heat output to where you want it most. The ceramic heater itself sits on a pedestal several inches high, oscillating precious heat so that warmth is easily felt on the hands and torso. Pedestal heaters stand a little taller than other heaters and maintain circulated heat from top to bottom.  Many tower heaters are less than 24 inches high, while most pedestal models reach 30 inches or more. The extra height means extra warmth.

Suit Your Style

Decorating a space often takes time, though, and careful planning. Your living room may be perfectly arranged to suit you and your family. Small spaces may not have room to spare. The bedroom may have just the right feng shui to help you sleep well at night. Adding an electrical device that is big, bulky, and eye-catching can disrupt the ambiance of the room. Pedestal heaters are a great choice for those who want a stylish device that can fit in with their current home décor. The space-saving pedestal design means that most heaters use only about one square foot of floor space, ideal for smaller rooms or drafty corners. Pedestal heaters are excellent additions to spaces that have several pieces of furniture because they’re tall enough not to project heat directly into surfaces like upholstery that would simply absorb warmth, rather than allowing it to circulate about the room.

Safety First

Ceramic pedestal heaters come with several safety features that often provide peace of mind to those worried about the hazards associated with electric space heaters. Advanced built-in safety features come standard with all Lasko heaters, and all are listed within their individual product descriptions. Ceramic heaters include overheating protection (the device turns off automatically if it becomes too hot) and cool-touch exteriors (the heater exterior casing remains cool to the touch when the heater is on). Ceramic heaters contain a self-regulating element that activates a wattage reduction if the device becomes too hot. The self-regulating heater will shut itself off if there is an air blockage or other obstruction that could cause a hazard. Some heaters also come with tip-over safety switches. So that if the device is accidentally knocked over, it will shut itself off instantly.

Precision Temperature Control

A thermostat controls your whole home heat. It allows you to adjust the temperatures specifically to your liking. Lasko pedestal heaters do the same thing on a smaller scale. Our pedestal heaters use auto thermostats, which make heating a room to precisely the right temperature easier than ever. Programmable thermostat-controlled heating adjusts for your personal preference; no more being too hot or too cold, since your heater is programmed to keep the temperature just right. Many pedestal heaters are also equipped with remote controls. That allows you to adjust the heat from the comfort of your sofa, chair, or desk.

Save Energy at the Touch of a Button

Space heaters work best as a supplemental heat source. Lowering the whole-house thermostat and using the heater in an occupied room maintains warmth while saving on your heating bill. This way, you’re only heating the rooms you and your family use frequently, instead of paying to heat empty rooms. Some Lasko heaters, like the Ceramic Pedestal Heater with Remote Control, comes with exclusive Save-Smart® Technology. This advanced, energy-saving feature allows you to put the heater into a cost-saving mode with a single button. Save-Smart® Technology then maintains its heat setting using less energy. Less energy equals more savings. No matter your choice of models or designs, Lasko electric heaters deliver technical innovation and quality to support a warm home all season long.